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These archives contain the Society's activities to the end of 2013, including, above all, Supplements I and II to the Analytical Bibliography (1984) as well as translations and editions of various Seven Sages texts.

Regrettably and inevitably, the archiving process has brought with it some difficulties, affecting, for example, the reliability of certain links. In order to facilitate access to the archival holdings we offer the following


Open the Portal at

and click on the "Files in this item" icon or on "Open/View" and you will find:

- Link to a schematic overview of all Eastern and Western versions

- Link to an English translation of French Version A

- Link to an English translation of the Italian Libro del sette savi di Roma

- Link to a modern French translation of French Version A

- Link to an overview of Oriental and European versions

- Link to a general description of the Seven Sages cycle

- Link to Research Abstracts and Documents

- Link to Research in Progress

- Link to Marginalia

- Link to Supplements I and II of the Society's Analytical Bibliography

- Link to Seven Sages stories

In addition, to access...

...Supplement I of the Analytical Bibliography, search (Ctrl+F on the English qwerty keyboard): Perpetual

...Supplement II of the Analytical Bibliography search: Supplement Vol. II

...Origin and transmission search: East and West

...Origin and transmission of the Seven Sages (in French) search: Biaggini

...Eastern and Western versions search: biographical

...Seven Sages stories in synopses search: Some Seven

...Seven Sages and Sindbad Latin story titles search: All Eastern

...Bulgarian version search: Adinolfi

...English Seven Sages search: Jill

...French Version A: a critical edition search: Mauricette Berne

...French Version A in English translation search: MS. T

...French Version A: link to a modern French translation search: Anna

...French Version M: the six unique stories in English translation search: Six Stories

...French Version M: two texts on stars as a textual/linguistic problem search: Stars in French (repeat)

...Cassidorus: three stories from the French Continuation in English translation search: AB 516

...Hebrew version search: Wienstein

...Spanish Libro de los enganos (article abstract) search: mugeres

...aper search: Tolous

...assassinus: five versions of the story from French Version M search: Assassin

...assassinus in an English version search: Royal

...canis search: Dog File

...canis search: 840-1910

...canis search: Speer

...canis, gaza and (inclusa-)puteus from the French Dolopathos (in English) search: (inclusa-)puteus

...inclusa search: Foehr

...vidua in a German version (with English translation) search: Ulf

...vidua in England search: Rod

...Seven Sages in an artistic installation search: maze