The Eight Stories from (Fragmentary) French Version C

Synoptically Compared to French Version K

in a too literal English line-by-facing-line translation


Hans R. Runte


(tentamina, Roma, avis, sapientes, vidua, Virgilius, inclusa, vaticinium)


Speer, Mary B., ed. Le Roman des Sept Sages: A Critical Edition of the Two Verse Redactions of a Twelfth-Century

Romance. Edward C. Armstrong Monographs on Medieval Literature, 4. Lexington, Kentucky: French Forum

Publishers, 1989: 113-237 Version K; 239-289 Version C.


Tentamina by Gentullus


                             K                                                                C


[Line 2613] ‘When a servant makes it cry, / [Line 1] ‘When a sergeant makes it bark,

---------------------------------------------------- /   you would then see wood pieces fly [about]!

---------------------------------------------------- /   And it goes [around] soiling the household;

one cannot make him angrier; / one cannot anger us more about anything else.’

one cannot make him more afflicted / ------------------------------------------------------------

than by striking his greyhound.’ / -----------------------------------------------------------------

‘Daughter, think about how it could be dead. / ‘Daughter, think about how it will be killed;

This thing will be very strong. / this thing will be stronger [than the first test].

If you can kill it, / If you can kill it,  

[2620] know for sure, and [make your husband] forget it, / -----------------------------------

 -------------------------------------------- / then I laud you without hesitation

you will be able to make three friends, / that you can make another friend

 -------------------------------------------- / [10] without fear of your husband.’

nor will you ever be worse for it.’ / nor will you ever be worse for it.’

‘Mother,’ she said, it will be killed, / -----------------------------------------------------

so help me God and Saint Maurice.’ / ----------------------------------------------------


[The second test]


Into her house she went [back]. / That one came [back] to her house;

The Devil has well spell-bound her! / [12] her devil torments her hard.

The lord had gone out with the dogs, / --------------------------------------

for he loved them more than anything. / ------------------------------------

No sooner was it day that he went out / ------------------------------------

[2630] and no other thing disturbed him. / ---------------------------------

The lady put on a long dress, / [17] And she put on a dress:

newly washed and pleated it was; / it was newly washed and folded.

in her sleeve she had a knife / In her hand she had a knife

that she had borrowed from a servant. / [20] that she borrowed from a servant.

A fire she had made of coal; / [13] Her fire she lights with coal,

the seats were around. / and she put seats around

The cushions were well decorated, / -------------------------------------------

for the coverings were laundered. / --------------------------------------------

--------------------------------------- / [16] for she wanted to find a pretext.

The lord had come [back] from the woods, / [21] The lord came from the woods,

in front of the house he got off [his horse]; / in front of the house he dismounted.

------------------------------------- / Never was there a day when he did not go there

------------------------------------- / [to see] if another man did not disturb [her].

[2641] now he sat down by the fire. / [27] The lord is sitting by the fire.

His wife had a very clear face. / The lady had a very clear face;

She sat down on the other side, / she sat down on the other side,

for she knew many a stratagem and artifice. / [30] for she knew profoundly fox[-like deceit].

Onto the coverlets jump the dogs, / [25] Onto the coverlets jump the dogs,

they will never be mindfull of anything / [26] they will never be mindfull of anything.

The greyhound comes before her, / The greyhound comes before her,

and she caresses it, for they do not cry [?]. / and she caresses it, for it fears nothing.

She thrusts her dress forward, / It thrust her dress forward;

and it jumps on it now. / it climbed up right away.

[2650] The lady was a bad sister to it: /-------------------------------------------------------

------------------------------------------- / To its woe it did so, soon it will pay for it

the knife she thrusts into its heart! / right then the lady killed it!

Dead it falls and throws forth a howl. / When it falls, it lets out a wail.

Said the lord: ‘Who did this?’ / The lord said: ‘Who did this?’

‘I, for sure,’ she said, ‘have killed it. / ‘I, truly,’ she said, ‘killed it;

Look how it rendered me! / [40] see how it turned me out!

[The more] I have so many things washed / I cannot have so many sheets washed

and laundered by three servants, / nor laundered by two laundresses

[the more] your dogs make everything [look] [disgraceful; / without your dogs soiling everything,

[2660] and I do not dare to say anything [else]. / nor do I dare to sound a [single] word toyou about it.

------------------------------------------------------ / You are more trusting dogs

You are more believing in dogs / You are more trusting dogs

than in God who is a spirit.’ / than Jesus the spirit[ual].’

-------------------------------- / He swore to God the glorious about it:

‘[My] lady,’ he said, ‘this know well: / -----------------------------------------

that I am very angry about my dog! /-------------------------------------------

And may God of majesty help me. / --------------------------------------------

I do not know any woman in this realm [who], / ‘There is in the century nothing except you [who],

if she had killed my greyhound, / if my greyhound were to have been killed,

would not [be subject to] strong justice.’ / [50] would not impose a strong punishment for it.’                                 .                                                   

‘Sire, dead it is [and will remain], by Saint Denis, / ‘It is done,’ this she said, ‘however I take [it],

[2670] [even] if I had now to be killed.’ / -------------------------------------------------------------

The discussion was left behind / other idle talk has no role here.’

this time and forgotten, / ------------------------------------------------

and the evil intention [was] pardoned, / ----------------------------------------------

--------------------------------------------- / And he responds: ‘You speak the truth,

--------------------------------------------- / but all days [will] I have a black heart because of it.’

which was very hard and heavy. / -----------------------------------------------------------------

The lady got up in the morning / She waited until the next day

and entered onto her pathway. / to put herself on the straight path.

Straight to her mother she went / Right straight to her mother she went,

and told her this undertaking: / proudly she addressed her:

‘My lady, the greyhound is dead; / ‘By God, the greyhound is dead

[2680] he pardoned me [and excused] his strong anger. / [60] and my lord consoles himself beautifully about it.     .                                                  

So now he will not have waited any longer / --------------------------------------------------------------------------

that I make [myself into] a new friend! / ------------------------------------------------------------------------------

I want to love the chaplain, / Yet I want to love the chaplain,

Guillaume, who is not bad. / Guillaume, who is not bad.

This is my opinion, by Saint Simon: / My opinion is, by Saint Simon,

there is no more handsome clergyman from [here] to Dijon!’ / [that] there is not so handsome a cleric from [here]

     .                                                                                                                                                          [to Dijon!’

‘Daughter, by God the Creator, / ‘[My] daughter, in the name of God the Creator,

suffer some more, for love[‘s sake], / do be patient still, for my love.

for it will be All Saints [day] on Thursday / Thursday will be All Saints [day],

[2690] when your lord will be [in a] happy [mood]; / when your lord will be in a festive mood

then he will hold a very great feast / and will hold a very high feast

of knights, and a very honorable [one]. / [70] of knights great and honest.

And I will tell you what you will do / -------------------------------------------

and in what manner you will act: / ----------------------------------------------

when they will be sitting at the table / When he will be sitting at dinner

and the beautiful dishes [will be] put before them, / and the beautiful dishes will be put before him,

then pretend to get up / then make believe that you are getting up

so that you make everything topple over. / and make everything topple over.

This outrage will be great; / Such a disgrace will be very great.

[2700] if you can accomplish it, / If you can escape after that,

your lord[‘s reputation] will be put low / you will be able to make three lover friends;

and you will be wholly above [what happened].’ / never will you be because of him worse for it.’

‘[My] lady,’ she said, ‘I agree; / ------------------------------------------------------------------------

thus I will do it, by my faith.’ / ------------------------------------------------------------------------


[The third test]


They wait until the right day. / She waited until the right day.

This vassal was a very noble man; / [80] Much was this vassal a nobleman;

he had invited all his friends / he had asked his friends [to come],

and the good people of the land, / the good people of that country,

the knights and the burghers, / the knights and the burghers

[2710] and the noble, courteous sergeants. / and the noble and courteous people.

Much did he endeavored to honor them, / ---------------------------------------------------

----------------------------------------------- / Jugglers came without asking [for anything]

for he was generous in giving. / for he was liberal in giving.

The kitchen was prepared / -------------------------------------------

and water was given for hand[washing]. / They sound the horn for the water without delaying                                                   

When they were all sitting at the table / -------------------------------------------------------------

-------------------------------------------- / when the food was prepared.

and the beautiful dishes [were] put before them, / When he had brought in some of the dishes

and the goblet[s were] filled / [90] and filled to the brim the wine vessels,

with spiced wine and [more] spiced wine, / ---------------------------------------

and the lady sat down at the low end / the lady was sitting low down;

[2720] (she had to eat with the senechal), / she had to eat with the senechal.

hear now how she acted / -------------------------------------------------------

and of what ruse she was thinking: / --------------------------------------------

her keys she attached to the tablecloth, / [93] Her keys she attached to the tablecloth

then jumped up without delay / [96] She jumped up without delaying

so that she made everything fall / [94] so that she made everything topple over

[and] the food spread out and spill! / [and made] the vessels full of wine spill out.

All in there were beyond thinking / ---------------------------------------------------

when they saw the fallen food. / ------------------------------------------------

‘Who did this?’ said the lord. / [97] ‘Who did this?’ said the lord.

[2730] ‘Now here is [a case of] very great disgrace!’ / ‘Here is a very great disgrace!’

‘I,’ said the lady, ‘can go on no more, / ‘I did it,’ she said, ‘I cannot [take it] anymore,

may God and Saint Gervais help me.’ / [100] so help me God and Saint Gervais.’

‘[My] lady,’ he said, ‘[this] now is worse. / ‘[My] lady,’ he said, ‘now it is worse,

------------------------------------------------ / so help me God and the Holy Cross.’

There are already three [cases of] outrage!’ / ------------------------------------------

The lord did not want to talk about it any more, / Then he did not want to speak of it further,

other food he had brought in. / but he had other dishes brought in.

Joyously the noble man served [it], / -----------------------------------------

and they had a profusion to eat. / ---------------------------------------------

And when the company had left / And when his court had departed

[2740] and the barons had gone, / and the house was cleared,

then he called his wife. / he calls for his wife.

‘It behooves you, [my] lady, to be blood-let.’ / ‘It behooves you to be bled’

‘Sire,’ she said, ‘blood-let yourself! / ‘Sire,’ she said, ‘bleed yourself!

May it be, by Jesus the Glorious, that / [110] So help me God the glorious,

never from my body blood go out, / never from my arm blood will go out,

nor a born man blood-let me!’ / nor will an ax [!] come close to it!’

‘[My] lady, by my head, you will do so! / And he responds that it would do so

Right now I will blood-let you! / and that the blood-letting would be happening:                                               

Through the ‘whorish’ blood that you have / ‘Through  the bad blood that you carry

[2750] and [through] the poison that you carry / and the poison that you have,

[and] of which your veins are full / of which the veins are so full,

you have done to me these vile tricks; / you have done me the[se] vile acts;

for [it was] a great wrong [that] you cut down my pear tree, / for very wrongfully you cut down my elm,

and my greyhound, which was gentle, / [120] and my greyhound, which was gentle,

you killed, and my food / you killed, and my food

you made vilely topple over. / you made all topple over.

By my beard that I have  white, / By this beard of mine that I have white,

[all] this made you do bad blood!’ / this made you do bad blood!’

She said [that] she would not be blood-let, / And she said that she would not at all bleed,

[2760] but he drew the furbished sword. / and he draws the polished sword.

When the lady saw the sword, / [128] when she saw the sword.

she was severely frightened. / [127] Then she was much afraid

--------------------------------- / He called for a bloodletter;

The lord said to the blood-letter / ---------------------------

that he bleed her fully without delay. / ------------------------------------------------------

His command he did; in an instant he tied her, / [130] he comes to him and bandaged her,

on the left arm he bled her. / ---------------------------------------------------------------------

He struck it and the blood spurted [forth] / then strikes in the arm and the blood spurts [out].                     .                                                         

so that one can see it from high [up]. / One could see it [from] high up.

On the other arm he had [already] bled her, / He bled her again on the other arm;

[2770] so then was the lady frightened. / then she was much dismayed.

With the evil blood and with the poison / Of  vile blood and of poison

was soon filled a big basin. / was very soon the basin filled.

The blood-letter wants to remove it, / The bloodletter wanted to remove it

------------------------------------------ / and he goes to give it an air-blow [?]:

because he saw her close to fainting, / -------------------------------------------

but the lord blamed him for it / ---------------------------------------------------

and very strongly insulted him: / -------------------------------

‘Vassal, too forward you were, / ‘Vassal, too bold are you

you who without my leave [wanted to] remove it! / [140] who dared to remove it without my leave.’                                           

Let the blood come right now; / --------------------------------------------------------------------------

[2780] she has lots of bad things in her body. / ----------------------------

I do not want that there remain in her body / ----------------------======

anything bad whatsoever, but [that the bad] be out of it.’ / -----------------

When the lady heard this, / -----------------------------------------------------

know [that] she was completely lost, / -------------------------------------

so she fainted before peoples’ eyes, / She faints amidst the people;

so that more than a hundred saw her. / then more than a hundred wept about it.

When the lord saw her faint / When he saw her face turn white

and [saw] the blood in the basin blanch, / and [saw] in the basin the blood turn white:

he said: ‘Now remove it. / ‘Now is it good that you remove it;

[2790] Still there remains some of it, / there still remains enough of it in there,

and nevertheless we have / and nevertheless we have of it

a little bit of the worst [blood] on top.’ / drawn the worst [blood] of hers.’

Into her chamber they carried her off, / In a blanket they carried her

then she had asked for her mother, / [150] and then remanded [her] to her mother.

and she came [right away] now. / -------------------------------------------------------

The daughter says to her, weeping: / ‘[My] lady,’ this she said, ‘I am betrayed

and vilely disgraced, / [152-162 lacuna]

for my lord has had me bled / -----------------------------------------------------

[2800] on my two arms in order to lighten [my blood], / ----------------------

and he has scolded me [about] his pear tree / ------------------------------

and [about] his greyhound, which was nice, / -------------------------

that I killed, and [about] his food / ----------------------------------

that I made vilely to topple over. / ---------------------------------

Now he has taken about it [all] a severe judgment,  / ------------

and pray well [and gratefully] that he has not killed me!’ / -------

‘Beautiful daughter, I knew it well / --------------------------------

and I said it all to you instantly. / -----------------------------------

Your lord is of a very hot temper, / ---------------------------------

[2810] so help me God and Saint Germain. / -----------------------

/ If you did to him more vile tricks,  / -------------------------------

he would soon take vengeance for it. / ------------------------------

If you had acted [like] a friend,  / ------------------------------------

you would have severed your head from the trunk.’ / -------------                                                        .                                                              

So you should do, king, / [163] Thus you should have acted, king,

by that faith that I owe you: / by God who established the law

have that queen bled / have that queen bled

who knows so much of bad treachery. / for she knows much bad treachery.

Through the whorish blood of which she has so much, / Because of the bad blood of which she has so much                                                                              

[2820] she wants to kill your child.” / she wants to kill your child.”


Roma by the queen                                               .                                                             


[2359] “Seven pagan kings were laying siege to / [187] “Three pagan kings had besieged

the city of Rome in such a way / the city of Rome in such a way

that they wanted to burn it, / that they wanted to burn it,

to have the chair of Saint Peter, / to have Saint Peter’s chair,

to put to torment the apostolic clergy, / to put to torment the pope,

the cardinals and other people. / the cardinals and the other people.

The community took advice about it / The community held a council

and put together a great stratagem. / and they devise the following stratagem.

A man there was of great age, / There was a wise man,

old, ancient, who was very wise / old and ancient with beautiful age.

‘[My] lords,’ he said, ‘by Saint Amant, / ‘[My] lords,’ he said, ‘now listen

[2370] listen to what appears to me! / and understand well my reason.

Seven pagan kings have laid siege on us, / Three pagan kings have besieged us

[they] who are not at all our friends. / [200] who are not at all our friends.

And we are in here seven Sages, / And we have in here seven Sages,

noble men of high origin. / all noble men by lineage.

------------------------------ / There are seven days in the week;

------------------------------ / the first one is Sunday.

May each one of the Sages keep watch one day / Each one of the Sages [should] make sure on his day

[so] that the whoring pagan people / that the whorish pagan people

may not be able to cause grief in here, / cannot put us to grief in here,

[nor] to cross the wall and the moat; / [cannot] pass over the walls nor the ditches;

or if this is not [done], may there be capture / or if this is not [to be], without hesitation

[2380] of his body [before] coming to a judicial process.’ / [210] we [will] take vengeance on [their] bodies.’                                                         And they reply now: / ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

‘We will do it [according to] your commandment.’ / ----------------

The Sages were in [a state of] anxiety; / Then the Sages are in fear;

the city they defend for six months / the city they defend for two months

---------------------------------------- / so that never because of the hated people

---------------------------------------- / they lose there [so much as] a sorb-apple’s worth.

Never could [the pagans] enter therein, / [217] so that not ever they could enter there,

nor cross the wall and moat. / [218] [or] pass over neither wall nor ditch.

When they wanted to attack, / [215] When they had to assault [them],      

[the Sages] make them flee with their stratagem. / through their stratagem they make them flee.

For those inside [the situation] goes to worry / For those inside [things] go worrisome,

[2390] that provisions may go missing for them. / [220] for meat goes into decline.

One day they came to Genus/Janus, / One day they came to Janus,

to the master Sage, in the palace. / the master Sage, in the palace nearby.

Because of this Janus one says January, / For that Janus one said January,

the month which is before February. / the month which is before February.

‘Sire,’ they go, ‘ now it is in you / ‘Sire,’ they go then, ‘now it is up to you;

to defend [us] tomorrow vigorously.’ / tomorrow you will defend [us] vigorously,

------------------------------------------- / or if this [is] not [so], you are dead;

------------------------------------------ / never will there be [any] other comfort.’

------------------------------------------ / And he responds like a debonair man:

‘[My] lords,’ he said, ‘it is rather up to God, / ----------------------------------

the glorious [in his] majesty. / ---------------------------------------------------

Do you know what I command you, / -------------------------------------------

[2400] to you all together? / -------------------------------------------------------

------------------------------ / [230] ‘So it behooves you therefore to act

That tomorrow you be well armed, / well, so that all of you be armed,

[that] big and small all [be] ready, / [that] big and small [be] completely prepared.

--------------------------------------- / Tomorrow right at the third hour after sunrise] of the day

--------------------------------------- / I will climb up in that tower

and I will make a great contraption / and will make marvelous contraptions

in order to frighten the Saracens. / in order to scare the Saracens.

--------------------------------------- / Go out of here quickly,

--------------------------------------- / big and small communally,

---------------------------------------- / and mingle with the pagans

---------------------------------------- / [240] and kill them like dogs.’

‘Sire,’ they go, ‘you have spoken well. / Those respond: ‘By Saint Thomas

We will act according to your wishes.’ / this will not be held for a joke.’

He had a vestment cut / [246] and [had] soon cut a vestment;

and had it dyed in ink. / [245] and [had] a sheet teinted in ink

Tails he made [them] buy / [243] Then he had tails sought

[2410] of squirrels, more than a thousand; / [244] of squirrels, more than a thousand,

he had them attached together / and on it they attached the tails

and arranged very cleverly. / and arranged them thickly.

And also he had two masks / Then he had two visors made

which were very ugly things; / [250] which were hideous and fierce,

their tongues were vermilion. / and the tongues were vermilion.

This was held [to be] a great marvel! / Then he was turned into a great marvel.

------------------------------------------ / Before this day, this is the truth,

------------------------------------------ / Greek halo [?] was not looked at.

Above he had a mirror made, / ----------------------------------------------

which shone brilliantly against the day. / --------------------------------------

This [one] Sage got up in the morning / Here he waited until the [next] day

[2420] and robed himself in this contraption, / when he clothed himself in his outfit.

then climbed up on the Tower of Crescentius, / -----------------------------------------

which was quite high and big. / -----------------------------------------------------------

----------------------------------- / The visors he put on his head;

----------------------------------- / each one is hideous and honest.

----------------------------------- / And underneath (he) sat a helmet

----------------------------------- / [260] which was of the work of Duraume;

----------------------------------- / mirrors he had planted there;

----------------------------------- / against the sun they give clarity.

With him he carried two swords; / With him he carried two swords

they had rich hilts. / which are cleverly hilted.

He puts himself toward the Saracens / Towards the Saracens he puts himself

at a parapet, all the way on the top. / on a battlement on a [hill[top].

The swords he began to strike [together] / He takes to striking with the swords

so that he made fire [sparks] jump from them. / so that he makes the fire spring from them.

Said one [of the] pagan[s]: ‘The God up there  / One of the kings said: ‘God up there

[2430] has tonight descended down / [270] has tonight descended down

in order to come to the help of his people on earth. / n order to [come to the] help [of] his people on earth.

To our misfortune did we engage in this war!’ / To our misfortune did we make acquaintance with this war!’    .                                              

------------------------------------------------------ / The father does not await the child,

------------------------------------------------------ / rather they flee immediately.

When they have seen this, they went away / -------------------------------------

and left the siege at that. / -------------------------------------------------

Well they fled in [a state of] folly: / [279] Those went away like crazy:

they would not have lost a sorb apple there. / [280] they never lost a sorb-apple there!

And those from Rome came out of there, / And those of Rome came out of there,

very hard they invaded them; / very fiercely they invaded them;

many they killed and wounded, / many they killed and wounded

[2440] and great wealth they conquered there. / [278] and conquered great wealth there.

----------------------------------------------------- / [281] For this [reason] the clergy still makes

---------------------------------------------------- / the Feast of Fools in January.

Just so are you acting, lord king, / Just so have you served, king,

by the faith I owe you. / by God who established the law.

--------------------------- / The Sages go [about] tricking you

-------------------------- / [286] and by their exemplum fooling you.

[Foreshadowing Virgilius] / [Foreshadowing Virgilius]

You carry on just such foolishness / [293] You are leading the same play

as the one who plays ball. / as he who plays ball.

When he holds it, immediately he throws it / When he holds it, often he throws it

to his companions in the street. / and plays it to his companions.

------------------------------------ / Then he runs after [it] more [quickly] than his pace;                                                                                                

------------------------------------ / before he may attain it, he remains all tired

And so is he not quite a silly fool / out. And so is he not a very crazy fool

when he launches it and runs after [it]? / [300] when he throws and runs after it?”

You have the custom with the child: / ------------------------------------------------

[2450] when it cries and has great pain / ---------------------------------------------

and the breast is offered it, / -----------------------------------------------------------

immediately its war is apeased.” / -----------------------------------------------------


Avis by Cathon / Chaton


[3077] “There was once a castellan, / [359] “In Rome there was once a castellan;

thirty manors he had in his hands. / ten manors he held in his hand.

---------------------------------------- / He was rich and wealthy,

A wife he took of very high origin / and he took a wife of great beauty.

who was of high lineage. / --------------------------------------------------

He loved her much and honored [her], / He cherished and honored her,

but she hardly appreciated him, / and she hardly prized it,

rather she loved a knight / but loved much a knight

[who was]  quite uncourageous and very cowardly, / who was cowardly and very lazy;                                                                

and his lord was a vassal [of] such [a nature] / and her lord was a vassal,

that he did not fear an admiral. / he would not fear an admiral.

But wom[e]n he does not  desire / But woman does not care at all

except where his heart allies itself, / [370] except for where her heart allies itself

still he often loves / […]

[3090] nine times worse than his lord. / […]

He made a very beautiful house, / He made a very beautiful hall,

high and round, with a tower. / high and round, with a tower.

Chambers in there he does not want to suffer, / He did not want to build a chamber there,

nor to build walls inside. / nor suffer any enclosure inside.

That rich man had a magpie: / The rich man had a magpie

of it it is well right that I speak. / of it it is right that I tell you.

It talked cleverly / It talked freely

and very understandably / [380] and attentively as well

exactly like it were a woman; / as if it were a woman;

[3100] great talk about it there was throughout the realm. / great talk was there about it throughout the realm.                                                        

In a very beautiful cage / He made a cage of iron

of iron which was newly made / which was not vile nor crazy.

was imprisoned that magpie / ------------------------------------

which was so wise and learned. / --------------------------------

To a chain was close[ly attached] / With a double chain

the doubl[y strong] cage of iron. / it was tethered to one end;

Toward the roof one had hung it, / from the cross-beam it was hung

so it was in beautiful view. / at an angle with a beautiful view.

------------------------------- / Above it he had made it a ceiling beam

------------------------------- / [390] of strong planks altogether without trim.

It would not have been worth for any reward / He did not want at any price

[3110] that anything were to do it harm. / that something does it harm

In the house there was a great lot of tasks / Thus he guarded his house:

(all the sergeants hated it): / -------------------------------------------------

there would not be anything badly done / he would never have done a misdeed,

that it was not all told by [the bird], / -------------------------------------------------

nor [was there] anything done or said secretly / nor taken anything away, nor removed anything                                                       

that it did not tell all to the lord. / [396] without his counting everything.

The lady was not so forward / [405] the lady was not so courageous

that she went out without company, / that she went out without company,

if she had not two or three men [with her], / that she would not have two men or three,

[3120] and came back at once. / and so returned forthwith.

The magpie guarded her closely, / The magpie kept [an eye] on her so strongly

it took away [the lady’s] pleasure with her friend. / [410] [that] it took away [her] enjoyment of her lover.

Much did the sergeants hate it / [397] Much hated it the servants

all together, small and tall, / [398] all together, small and big,

and the lady [too] hated it much, / [399] and the lady right as well,

but she did not dare to do it harm. / ---------------------------------

[but] he knew how to take vengeance / -----------------------------

so that the magpie would not be hurt by it, / ------------------------

so that it would not have mortal blame for it. / --------------------

When the lord had wandered off / ---------------------------------

[404] and gone to some fair, / --------------------------------------

One day the lord was not in, / [411] One day the lord had wandered off

nor most of his men. / and [so had] many of his men.

The lady remains and the magpie, / The lady remained [behind] with the magpie;

[3130] she has her household to herself. / there remained only a little of the household staff.

She sat down and thought about / She sat down and thought

how she will take revenge on it. / how she will avenge herself;

------------------------------------- / she would want more to be insulted by [the magpie]                                                   .                                                       

------------------------------------- / than to be denounced by it [even if only] a little.                                                                           

She called a sergeant, / She calls a sergeant,

and he came to her quickly. / [420] and he goes there immediately.

‘Can I at all have confidence in you?’ / ‘[My] friend, can I trust you?’

‘Yes, my lady, by my faith.’ / ‘Yes, [my] lady, by my faith.’

‘Have you seen [the doings] of the magpie? / ‘Have you seen our magpie

It does not let me engage in relationship[s]! / which makes me lead a hard life?

I cannot talk to my friend, / I cannot speak to my lover,

[3140] kiss, enjoy nor embrace [him]. / nor kiss him, nor embrace [him].

-------------------------------------------- / Certainly, I would have very great joy

------------------------------------------- / if I could take revenge on it a little.

Do you know what you will do? / So do you know what you will do?

As soon as [it is] night you will climb / ----------------------------------

on top of this house, / ----------------------------------------------------

and so you uncover it on top. / [430] You will uncover the house

---------------------------------- / at the magpie’s place there above [it];

--------------------------------- / up there the ceiling beam comes down on you

Then climb down to the floor, / -------------------------------------

make [the roof have]  small piercing[s]. / and pierce it delicately

---------------------------------------------- / in forty spots or in a hundred.

Water and gravel you will carry, / Water and gravel carry with you,

through the holes you will throw them / through the hole[s] pour [it] inside

so that the magpie is wet / so that the magpie is wet,

[3150] and [so] that it spends a bad night. / [so] that it spends a bad night.

With a hammer you will strike on [the roof]; / With a hammer you will hit [the roof].

a fistful of candles you will hold / [440] A full fist of candles you will hold,

which will be very well lit; / and they should be will lit;

through the holes they will be shown / through the holes they should be thrust

------------------------------------------- / so that it sees the clarity

so that it thinks [that] that is a thunderstorm / and [so] that it believes that it is a storm.

and a marvelous tempest.’ / ------------------------------------------------------------------

------------------------------ / If I have from you a little bit of help,

------------------------------ / I will well take revenge on the magpie.’

------------------------------ / ‘[My] lady,’ he said, ‘very well                                                         

He did her command. / ------------------------------------------

------------------------- / They left everything [throughout] the night

------------------------- / [450] and [let] the people fully calm down.

------------------------- / The lady had asked her lover [to come];

------------------------- / the knight came there.

------------------------- / He [made] her joyous and hugged [her],

------------------------- / more than thirty times he kissed her.

------------------------- / The magpie cries out in the cage:

------------------------- / ‘Lady, you act like a fool!’

------------------------- / They had in the evening very rich hospitality;

------------------------- / it/she was neither miserly nor avaricious.

------------------------- / To eat they had liberally,

------------------------- / [460] big and small together.

------------------------- / Next to the fire they made a bed;

------------------------- / their they wanted to carry out their pleasure.

------------------------- / And they lit a lamp,

------------------------- / but it was not elevated high up.

------------------------- / She wants well that that magpie

------------------------- / know and see that life.

------------------------- / The lady lay down first;

------------------------- / the knight immediately

------------------------- / kissed her and did his pleasure with her

------------------------- / [470] just like other men.

------------------------- / [477] And the sergeant turned away from there

Onto the house he climbed quickly / and climbed onto the house;

----------------------------------------- / very nicely he uncovered it,

----------------------------------------- / [480] let himself down onto the ceiling,

----------------------------------------- / and begins to pierce it

----------------------------------------- / delicately without delaying.

----------------------------------------- / Outside there was a young girl

----------------------------------------- / who brought him water and gravel;

----------------------------------------- / down through the holes he threw it

----------------------------------------- / until he made the magpie wet.

----------------------------------------- / Across the cage [the magpie] goes jumping,

----------------------------------------- / it cannot find any good security.

----------------------------------------- / That one strikes with the hammer above

---------------------------------------- / [490] and shows again [and again] through the holes

---------------------------------------- / the candles quite often

---------------------------------------- / which were burning very brightly.

---------------------------------------- / Then it believed well [that it would] die by fire

---------------------------------------- / and believes that it was thunder.

and took everything with him / -----------------------------------------

[3160] that the lady [had] devised; / -----------------------------------

he did not finish all night. / [496] It did not fail it all night long.

Now the magpie had bad entertaiment! / [495] Here it had vile pleasure!

When the watchman bugled day[light], / When the boy saw day[light]

the sergeant without any detour / and saw the odor [?],

from the house climbed down / he quickly descended from there

and now covered [the roof] back up, / [500] and soon recovered the house.

and the lady made get back up / [503] made the knight get up.

------------------------------------ / [501] The sun rises and it was a clear day,

quickly, without lingering, her friend who lay with her;  / [502] and the lady without delaying                                                                                                                                        

[3170] the lady told him very well / ---------------------------------

that he make haste to get ready. / He made haste to ready himself.

So the knight got up / ------------------------------------------------

and got dressed hastily, / --------------------------------------------

then left quickly. / ----------------------------------------------------

He asks for leave and leaves, / [505] He took [his] leave and turned away from there,

but the magpie shouted out at him: / and the magpie cried out [in] high [pitch]:

‘Sire Gerart, son of Tierri, / ‘Sire Girart, son of Tierri,

a bad situation you have built us! / you have built [yourself] a bad spot!

Why do you not wait for my lord / Why do you not await my lord

[3180] when you lie with his wife? / [510] before you share in his wife?’

---------------------------------------- / [471] The magpie was in its corner;

---------------------------------------- / now it cries out: ‘Now I know why I see

---------------------------------------- / these sheets rise up lightly!

---------------------------------------- / [474] Here there is vile love-making!

Great shame will come to you from it: / [476] that you do him such disgrace.’

I will tell him  when he  comes!’ / [475] I will tell my lord the truth.

He departed, it remained; / [511] He left there, it stayed,

see here now the lord who came! / and the rich man who came  

He got off his horse; / right away dismounted,

the lady had seized the stirrup. / and the lady took on the combat [with him].

Around his neck she put her arms / She put [her] arms around his neck

and said that she loved his love-making. / and said that she loves her relief:

----------------------------------------------- / ‘Sire, I could not sleep at night

----------------------------------------------- / because I want to serve you alone.’

Much she made fun of the man / Now she mocks well her baron[-husband],

[3190] whom she did not appreciate one button! / [520] for she does not prize him one lonely button!

The rich man was astonished / The rich man marvelled

that his magpie did not speak to him. / that the magpie did not speak with him.

Straight to the cage he came, / Straight to the cage he came,

his wife was beside him. / the lady was together with him.

The lord called his magpie: / He addressed the magpie:

‘What are you doing, Mehaut, [my] friend? / ‘What are you doing, my sweet friend?

How are you? Are you not healthy? / How goes it? And are you not healthy?

Tell me, by Saint Helen! / Tell me it, by Saint Helen!

You used to talk to me / You used to call to me

[3200] and to lead a very great joy[ful life]; / [530] and carry on [in] very great joy.’

now I see you so quiet and so mute / --------------------------------------------------

and so pensive and forlorn.’ / ------------------------------------------

‘Sire, the explanation is honest: / ‘Sire, the explanation is honest:

I am so battered by storm! / I am very much beaten by storm,

All night it did not end, / for last night there was no end

nor did the water which goes to the mill, / [to] the water which goes to the mill

nor the raining, nor the blowing, / raining on me and [to] it being windy

nor the lightning, nor the thundering. / and [to] howling and thundering.

------------------------------------------- / A great marvel it is, by Saint Simon,

------------------------------------------- / that it did not destroy this house.

And your wife went to bed / And your wife went to bed--

[3210] in that bed that you see there / [540] that bed (look at it!) the entered--

with Gerart, son of Tierri!’ / with sir Girart, son of Tierri!’

Said the lady: ‘Sire, mercy! / Said the lady: ‘Sire, by your mercy!

-------------------------------- / Have you heared, by Saint Thomas,

-------------------------------- / and listened to this Satan?

Thus must you well believe it: / Thus must you well believe it:

it is more than a month [that] there was no thunder. / never in months was there thunder!

Look in that marsh / Look out there in that marsh

whether, [how] much or when is has rained!’ / if and when it has rained so much.

----------------------------------------------------- / Because God born of Mary

----------------------------------------------------- / [550] did not ever make so serene a night.’

Thus it happened [by] chance / Now it happened here [by] chance

that that evening the moon came back / that in the evening the moon was

all night long, [so] brilliant and beautiful / all bright and very beautiful

[3220] (background it was, not new), / (it was waning, it was not new)

that where the lord was, / where the rich man lay,

in the housee where he lay, / inside the house where he was,

the moon went back over him, / so that the [moon]ray came on him;

which made for very great annoyance for him. / ----------------------------

To his knights he complained / and to the knights he complained about it

---------------------------------- / and said that he could not sleep

about the moon which shone so. / [560] because of the moon that he saw shining.

So he believed well that his magpie / Then he believed well that the magpie

told him in all [respects] a treacherous [lie]. / had in all things told him trickery.

The cage he had unlocked, / The cage he unlocked,

[3230] his hand he had thrust inside; / his hand he thrust inside.

in anger that he had honest[ly] / In the anger that he had honestly

he had broken its head, / he broke its head,

then he flung it immediately in the air. / then he quickly flung it into the air.

‘Go you to the Devil in flight, / ‘Go away!’ he said. ‘May God strike you down!

for many times you have made me get irritated / Many times you have made me furious

and get angry with me wife! / [570] and angry with my wife.

-------------------------------- / He is very much a fox who believes the bird

-------------------------------- / and nothing else except what he sees.’

Then he sat up in his bed, / Then he sat down inside on the bed,                                               

very angry and very pensive / he who is angry and pensive, .

Upwards he had looked, / ----------------------------------------

[3240] he saw the roof ridge disturbed / and saw the roof which had been disturbed,

and the shingle which was not in its place / -----------------------------------------

------------------------------------------------ / and thought again a little to himself

----------------------------------------------- / [that] it was newly covered again;

and the soot of the house, / -------------------------------------------------------

of which there used to hang a lot [about], / [579] as it used to be, all around.

but now there was nothing of it at all. / [578] of soot there appeared nothing,

-------------------------------------------- / [580] Then he looked at his house;

One of his sergeants he called beside him: / one of his sergeants he called about it:

‘A ladder bring me there, / ‘Bring me a ladder there!

because by Jesus who did not lie, / So help me God who did not lie,

I believe [that] my wife has betrayed me!’ / I believe well that I am betrayed!’

And he brought the ladder / And he did [it] without delaying,

[3250] straight to the roof ridge and raised it up. / and he stood it up to the ceiling.

The lord climbed up, / The rich man climbed on it,

because he no longer stopped himself [from going [up] there. / --------------------                                                            .                                                          

----------------------------------------------------------------------- / and had discovered the holes;

A marsh he had seen, / ----------------------------------------------

which was flooded by the water, / ---------------------------------

and the hammer he looked at / and he found the hammer on top

and the wax, which was dripping down, / [590] and the wax which was dripping

from the candles [and he understood] how the servant / from the candles that the sergeant

went waving them about on the top. / went sweeping up across the top.

------------------------------------------ / Then he sought the cage

------------------------------------------ / and found it all wet.

Now he knew well, without treachery, / Then he knew well, without trickery

[3260] that he had killed his magpie wrongfully. / that he was wrong to have killed his magpie.

Immediately he drew the sword / Quickly he drew his sword

and ‘un-necked’ his wife! / and beheaded his wife!

Now he has acted like the wolf: / So he acted like the wolf

for one damage he has done two. / [600] which for one damage does two of them.

--------------------------------------- / [601-608]

Good king, for [the grace of] God who did not lie, / For the love of God who did not lie,

beware [that] you do not act thus. / take care that you do not work like this.

Do not kill your child / ----------------------------------------------------------

for the word of the servant.” / --------------------------------------------------

--------------------------------- / There is no good sense against [balanced] measure[s],

--------------------------------- / this recounts us Scripture.”


Sapientes by the queen


[3281] “Once in Rome there was a king / [626] “There was once in Rome a king.

who was very wise and courteous. / ------------------------------------------

I do not know how he got heavier / I do not know how he gained weight,

so that never in three years he went out / but never in three years did he go out

into the streets of the city / [into] the great streets of the city,

nor [out of] his honored palace. / [630] nor [did he go out] of his honored palace.

One day his barons call on him, / One day his barons call him,

simply they reasoned with him: / simply the reasoned with him:

‘Sire, why do you stay so much inside? / ‘Sire, why do you stay inside so much?

[3290] You are very much heavier because of it! / You are because of it very much heavier!

If you were to walk around [more], by Saint Germain, / If you wandered about, by Saint Germain,

you would be lively and healthy.’ / you would be fit and healthy.’

‘[My] lords,’ he said, ‘I shall seek you out / And the king said: ‘So I will wander about

and I shall go see my castles.’ / and will go see my cities.’

So he went to get ready / ----------------------------

and mounted on a horse. / He mounted on a horse

----------------------------- / around him [were] many a knight.

He had the great gate opened: / He had had the gate opened

still he could not go out of Rome! / [642] but out of Rome he could not go!

--------------------------------------- / [644] he raises his hand and crossed himself.

When he saw this he was very angry, / ----------------------------------------------

[3300] quickly he returned. / ---------------------------------------

To the other gate he came running, / He went to all of the gates,

but it netted him nothing; / but it amounted to nothing for him.

----------------------------- / As soon as he came to the exit,

----------------------------- / [648-651 lacuna]

----------------------------- / which was wide and high and […].

he kicks the horse, he/it drew back, / [643] He spurred on the horse, it recoiled;

he raises his hand and made the sign of the cross. / -------------------------------

So he felt trapped, / -------------------------------------------------------------------

well did he know that sin does this to him. / ------------------------

He came straight back to the palace, / There there was a platform;

unhappy he sat down; / [654] unfortunately he sat down on top.

the seven Sages he has made to come / He demanded the seven Sages

------------------------------------------- / who on this day were invested with an office

[3310] and before him he has them led. / -------------------------------------------------

And all seven came there, / ---------------------------------------------------------------

because they no longer stopped [intervening]. /  --------------------------------------

‘[My] lords, tell me without holding back / ‘Now tell me at your complete leisure

why I cannot go out of Rome.’ / why I cannot go out of Rome.’

They reply: ‘We do not know / Those respondent: ‘We do not know;

how we would say it, / ----------------------------------------------------

------------------------- / [660] we will tell you the true explanation of it

for we look into the moon / by [means of] the moon [and] the direction of the winds.

through which we tell fortune. / There we see an omen.

Fifteen days of delay we request, / We seek a term of fifteen days,

[3320] because before we will not see anything.’ / before we will see no explanation of it at all.’ 

‘[My] lords, the delay I will give you, / The king responds: ‘I will give [it] to you,

but I will do it very half-heartedly.’ / but I will do it with much difficulty.’

So then they went to the river bank, / ----------------------------------------

where often the thunderstorm moved by, / ----------------------------------

but they could not choose [a reason] / ---------------------------------------

why he could not go out of Rome. / -----------------------------------------

Then there was in Lombardy / -----------------------------------------------

 a much tried thing, / Then it was the custom here

----------------------- / throughout the people, well do I tell it you,

for nobody dared to dream / that no man must dream

[3330] in his bed, nor to have sex, / [670] in his bed, nor “fool around”

without going to tell it to his priest, / without him going to tell it to his priest,

who was for him lord and master. / who is his doctor and his baker [?].

He made him take a gold coin / He made him take a gold coin

and turn back immediately; / and then carry it immediately

to the seven Sages he has it carried / to Rome [and] give [it] to the Sages

---------------------------------------- / in order to recount [to them his] [dream] vision.

in the most direct way he could go. / -----------------------------------------------------

The burgher had great grief; / -------------------------------------------------------------

as much money as he had he carried [to Rome]. / -----------------------------------

------------------------------------------------------- / A poor man from Lombardy

------------------------------------------------------ / dreamed a dreadful thing.

------------------------------------------------------ / To his priest he went to recount it,

------------------------------------------------------ / [680] and he made him without delaying

------------------------------------------------------ / quickly sell his house

------------------------------------------------------ / and take on him ten gold coins.

So the pilgrim turned toward / Here then turned away from there in the morning

[3340] the road to Rome straight away / this pilgrim [and went] straight to Rome.

--------------------------------------------- / A little beyond the city

He came to a town / he found a well-supplied burgh

---------------------- / A woman he saw sitting there,

where he found a boy / [688] before her a very beautiful child.

who was playing in the street; / -----------------------------------

this child was very wise. / -------------------------------------

This boy was called Jesse, / --------------------------------

who was not engendered, / --------------------------------

but conceived from a powder / ---------------------------

which was in a box / ---------------------------------------

which was delivered to his mother / -----------------------

[3350] and left [with her] to be looked after; / ------------

[it was] forbidden [for her] to open it / -------------------

nor to see anything inside it. / ------------------------------

But woman has a talent for too much haste: / ------------

she opened it immediately! / -------------------------------

In the nose its scent struck her, / --------------------------

so she became pregnant from that odor. / ----------------

This boy of whom I am telling you / ----------------------

was not at all the father of David [?], / --------------------

but was brave and natural, / -------------------------------

[3360] sociable with everybody. / -------------------------

The child saw the pilgrim / ---------------------------------

who was coming down the road / --------------------------

----------------------------------------------------- / [689] The pilgrim saluted them,

Wherever he saw him, he called him, / ---------------------------------

courteously he addressed him: / [690] and this child addressed him:

‘Be you welcomed, ‘ he said, ‘[my] friend; / --------------------------

may God of Paradise want this. / ----------------------------------------------------

I know very well where you are going / ‘I know very well where you are going:

right straight to Rome to the seven evildoers, / right straight to Rome with the demon face!

for truly they are the devil; / Truly the are the devils,

[3370] all their actions I hold to be fable[s]. / all their sayings I hold [to be] fables.

So you will carry your gold coin to them / You will bring them a gold coin,

and you will before tell them your dream. / then you will recount your dream;

And [he] who would let you [keep] your gold coin / -----------------------------

and would explain your dream to you, / and they will right then explain it

--------------------------------------------- / and will tell you the meaning of it.

---------------------------------------------- / He who would tell you it without money

---------------------------------------------- / [700] and would let you [keep] your gold coin,

would you laugh about it in your house?’ / would you go from there to your house?’

‘Yes, certainly,’ said the good man. / ‘Yes, certainly,’ said the good man.

‘You dreamt, in truth, / ‘You dreamed, this is the truth,

that your house was set ablaze; / that your house was burning,

one half of it fell down, / ---------------------------------------

[3380] and the other remained standing. / -------------------

A very serene fountain / a serene fountain it had,

--------------------------- / very beautiful, on the other side.

sprung up from the direction of the other part. /

The fire, that is a strong disaster: / The fire is a strong omen:

there is your wife who has died / it is your wife who has died

since you left your region; / since you turned away from the region,

this morning she was buried. / [710] and yesterday morning she was interred.

The fountain, that is [something of] great wealth, / And the fountain is a treasure

-------------------------------------------------------- / where there is a lot of silver and gold.

this I tell you for sure. / -------------------------------------------------------------------------

Now go back from here and make [preparations for] fleeing; / Go away, and dig quickly,

[3390] richly you can maintain yourself.’ / and [receive and] hold from God very generously.’

The good man said: ‘That is true, / And he responds: ‘Is this the truth,

sire, what you have told me, / handsome friend, that you have recounted to me?

--------------------------------- / While I am close to Rome,

but it does not come to [my] mind / ------------------------------

to begin [my] return at this time; / I will never return from there

rather I will go to Saint Peter’s to pray, / and will have prayed at Saint Peter’s

for I want to speak to the seven Sages.’ / [720] and will have spoken to the seven Sages.’

‘Go,’ said the child, ‘handsome friend, / ‘Go,’ he goes, ‘handsome sweet friend,

but little would you have gained there.’ / more things will you have ever conquered there.’

The pilgrim then turned from there, / -----------------------------------------------------------

[3400] to the young man he said [for all] to hear: / -------------------------------------------

‘To God I recommed you, handsome friend, / ----------------------------------------------

the glorious of Paradise.’ / ---------------------------------------------------------------

Now the pilgrim turned from there / -------------------------------------------------

right straight [to] the way to Rome; / Right straight to Rome he came wandering;

so much he wandered without delay / -----------------------------------------------

that he began to approach / ---------------------------------------------------

the place where the seven Sages were, / the seven Sages he found sitting

who were on the river bank. / besides the Tiber on the river bank;

--------------------------------- / there stirs often a thunderstorm.

-------------------------------- / They cannot see nor determine

Often they looked at the moon, / ------------------------------

[3410] for they think of finding the reason / ----------------

why the king cannot go out / why the king cannot go out

of the city at his pleasure. / of the city at his pleasure

----------------------------- / [730] of death they are assured.

But it was not worth one gold coin for them! / -------------

Never will they be able to stay there long [enough] /  ------

so that by them [that reason] can be known / ---------------

nor the obstacle be recognized. / ----------------------------------------

See here now the pilgrim coming; / They saw the nobleman coming

--------------------------------------- / right straight to them at great leisure.

the seven Sages he had seen. / ----------------------------------------------

As soon as he has seen them, / ----------------------------------------------

[3420] immediately he saluted them: / -------------------------------------------------------

‘[My] lords, may Jesus bless you, / And one [of them] said: ‘Lord, for [the love of/ God,

the glorious, the Son of Mary! / the majestically glorious,

Put me on the straight path, / -------------------------------

for the love of God who leads everything. / ---------------------------------------------

------------------------------------------------- /do send this nobleman away from here;

------------------------------------------------- / we let [go of] staying in Rome.’

------------------------------------------------- / The other one responds like a generous [person]:

------------------------------------------------- /‘Here would be much good to do.’

‘Friend, tell [us] what you are going in search of; / They ask: ‘Where are you going?’

tell us your intention in it.’ / --------------------------------------------------

------------------------------- / [740] And he responds to them vigorously

‘[My] lords,’ he said, ‘I will tell you it / -----------------------------------

right now, without any delay. / ------------------------------------------------------------------------------

I am walking [in order] to speak to the seven Sages; / ‘I am going to the seven Sages to talk [to them]

------------------------------------------------------------ / and to recount my dream.’

[3430] I do not know where I can find them.’ / ----------------------------

Said one [of them]: ‘Here we are, friend! / Those respond: ‘See us here!

----------------------------------------------- / [744] Never will have been lied here about anything.’

Of that be certain and sure.’ / --------------------------------------------------------------------------

One of the Sages spoke first / -------------------------------------------------------------

and now said to the master: / -----------------------------------------------------

‘Sire,’ he said, ‘this poor man / ------------------------------------------

do not let stay in Rome.’ / --------------------------------------------

Said the master: ‘Well we grant it. / --------------------------------

Friend, tell now your request.’ / ------------------------------------

Said the good man: ‘Well I will tell it, / ----------------------------

[3440] in nothing will I lie to you. / ---------------------------------

[My] lords,’ he said, ‘hear [me] now / -------------------------------

and listen to my word. / ------------------------------------------------

I dreamt a vision / -------------------------------------------------------

[because] of which my heart is in great trembling  / ------------------

and I am much in great dismay about it; / ------------------------------

for that [reason] I came to you without delay. / ---------------------

So tell me, without delaying, / --------------------------------------

what this can signify.’ / -------------------------------------------

Said the Sage: ‘Tell your vision, / -----------------------------

[3450] and afterward we will explain it.’ / -------------------

---------------------- / [745] He handed them a gold coin

‘I dreamt, in truth, / and then he recounted his dream

that my house was burning. / that his house burned in fire,

One half of it fell down, / one half  fell down;

and the other one remained standing. / ----------------------

A very serene fountain / a gentle fountain was there,

--------------------------- / [750] there was not a more beautiful one [from here] to Otrente.

sprung up from the direction of the other part..’ / ---------------------------------------------

Said the Sage: ‘I will explain it to you, / ---------------------------------------------------

in nothing will I lie about it. / -----------------------------------------------------===

The fire is a strong disaster: / -------------------------------------------------------

[3460] that is your wife who has died / And one of them said: ‘Your wife died

since you left your region / since you left your region.

this morning she was buried. / -------------------------------------------------------------

The fountain, that is [something of] great wealth; / The fountain is a great possession

this I tell you well for sure. / this you may well know to be true.

Now go back from here and make [preparations for] fleeing; / Go away and have it dug up;

richly you can maintain yourself.’ / ---------------------------------------------

--------------------------------------- / about this we do not want to lie to you.’

Said the good man: ‘By Saint Amant, / And he responds: ‘Exactly the same

as much a child once told me about it, / said recently a child to about it,

and still more, wholly without fail! / and still more without fail;

[3470] About this I do not seek to lie.’ / ------------------------------------------------------------

------------------------------------------- / [760] now I do not want to leave here [and go] to him.

When the Sages heared this, / Those heard it and crossed themselves;

strongly they were at a loss about it. / very severely they marvelled at it.

The one to the other said well / One of them said it to the other

that this child knew more than they / that the child knew more than they.

They called the pilgrim / ---------------------------------------------------

and addressed him nicely: / -------------------------------------------------

‘[In the name of] love, gentle pilgrim, / --------------------------------------------

take your coin which is of fine gold, / ‘Take your gold coin and twenty of ours,

with this [sum of] thirty from us, / --------------------------------------------------

and lead us there […].’ / and so lead us […]

--------------------------- / to him who said all this.’

Said the good man: ‘By God’s saints, / ----------------------------------

willingly will I take you there!’ / And he responds that he would do it.

So then he leads them to the town; / He led them to the burgh

there they found the young man. / [770] and showed them the young man.

One of the seven Sages embraced him / One of the Sages embraced him,

and now addressed him: / very simply he addressed him:

‘Now tell me,’ he said, ‘[my] friend, / ‘Would you know, handsome sweet friend,

for [the love of] God who pardoned Longis / : for the love of God who did not lie,

what did you say to this man / --------------------------------------------------------

[3490] who has come with us from Rome?’ / ----------------------------------

The child said: ‘I told him well; / ----------------------------------------

never did I lie to him about anything.’ / ---------------------------

‘Friend, would you know how to tell, / ------------------------

and [can you] in your heart reflect / ---------------------------

why the king cannot go out / why the king could not go out

of the city at his pleasure?’ / of the city at his pleasure?’

‘Yes,’ he said, ‘if I wanted to, / ‘Yes,’ he said, ‘if I wanted to,

I would tell you the truth of it.’ / the truth I would tell you about it.’

‘So tell us it, friend! / ----------------------------------------------------

And of this be well assured: / -------------------------------------------------------------------------------

that we will give you seven thousand gold coins, / ‘We will give you twenty thousand gold coins for it.

[3500] so you will be rich and powerful.’ / [780] so that you will be very wealthy.’

Very willingly will I tell you it / ----------------------------------------------------

and well will I explain it to you, / -----------------------------------

but lead me with you to Rome, / ‘So lead me with you to Rome;

for there I will tell you the sum of it.’ / there I will tell you the sum about it.’

The Sages say: ‘Dear friend, / -------------------------------------------------

we will willingly lead you there.’ / ----------------------------------------

So then they had him get ready / -------------------------------------

[3510] and put him up on a horse. / On a horse they mounted him,

His mother goes behind him crying, / --------------------------------

for she had fear for her child. / --------------------------------------------

From here to the city of Rome / straight to Rome they carried him away.

their reins were not pulled; / -------------------------------------------------

much do they guide the child / ----------------------------------------------

and they do him great honor. / --------------------------------------------------------

At one of the Sages’ [place], Engalais, / At the home of one of the Sages, Argalés,

they put him down in a palace. / they dismounted him in the palace.

Around him they go to assemble; / All around him they arranged themselves

[3520] much they ask him to recount / and asked him to speak right away.

why the king cannot go out / ------------------------------------------------

of the city at his pleasure. / -------------------------------------------------

Said the child quickly: / ----------------------------------------------------

‘This I will tell you briefly. / -----------------------------------------------

[My] lords,’ he said, ‘now listen to me / ---------------------------------

and listen to my word. / ----------------------------------------------------------

Know [that] under the king’s bed, / ‘[My] lords, underneath the king’s bed,

--------------------------------------- / [790] at only a full foot[‘s depth] [?], by [my] faith,

well I tell you it by my faith, / ----------------------------------------------------------------

there is there a tub, / there is a kettle boiling

[3530] very large and proud and, [yes], proud. / with fire from Hell, hideous and big.

As long as it will be there / As long as it will be there

the king will not go out of Rome. / the king will not go out of the city.

[If] whoever could remove it from there, / Go, have it removed;

the king could go everywhere.’ / then he will be able to go everywhere.’

When those heard it they were very happy, / -----------------------------

but at this they marvel: / ---------------------------------------------------

at the child who told them this, / -------------------------------------------

[namely] that the tub is under the bed. / -------------------------------------

Everyone is in a hurry to see it. / -------------------------------------------------

[3540] So then they directed their way / ---------------------------------------------

right straight to the king, and they told him / They go to the king and said to him

what they had found. / that they found what they were seeking.

When the king heard it, he had very great joy. / -----------------

Then they went running to the bed, / -----------------------------

immediately they had it moved, / ------------------------------------

from [its] place they had it removed. / They had the bed removed

------------------------------------------ / [800] and the ground soon dug up.

Underneath they found the tub / Right away they found the kettle

which was very proud and, [indeed], proud. / which was very hideous and fierce[-looking],

In the tub there were seven bubbles; / for there were seven bubbles

[3550] blacker they were than is coal. / which were blacker than ash.

The king saw them, then crossed himself; / The king saw them and crossed himself;

from the center of his stomach he sighed. / from the heart of the belly he sighed.

‘Ha! God!’ he said, ‘it’s my hell! / ‘Alas!’ he said. ‘This is my hell,

A more hideous place there is not under the heaven! / a more hideous man there is not under the sky

Why would I go seeking [the answer] elsewhere  / --------------------------------------------------------

when it is getting close to me here?’ / ---------------------------------------------------------------

The king called the Sages / -----------------------------------------------------------------

[3560] and commanded them right away: / ------------------------------------

‘[My] lords,’ he said, ‘now remove it! / Go [ahead] and have [it] removed

Into a vile place throw it!’ / [810] and [have] everything thrown into an old pit!’                                             .                                                       

And the Sages were then astounded / --------------------------------------------

and replied to him immediately: / --------------------------------------------

‘By [our] faith, sire, we do not know / Those respond: ‘We do not know

by which stratagem we would remove it.’ / how to remove it.’

‘Non?’ said the king, ‘how can that be, / -----------------------------------

for the love of God, the celeestial king? / ----------------------------------

Who then has told you this? / ‘Who  then told you [all] this?

Did you not find it in you?’ / Did you not find it yourselves?’

‘Sire, they go, ‘a young man / And they respond: ‘A child.’

[3570] who is very wise and very handsome. / ----------------

This one discovered for us / -------------------------------------------

the disaster which is obvious.’ / ----------------------------------------------

----------------------------------- / At this point they lead him there up front.

When the king heard it, he embraced him / The king saw him and embraced him;

and immediately addressed him: / very simply he asked him:

‘Friend, would you know how to remove / ‘Would you know, handsome sweet friend

that tub and move [it]?’ / [820] how to extract this kettle from here?’

‘Yes,’ he said, ‘if I wanted to, / He said: ‘Yes, if I wanted to,

sire, I would very willingly remove it from there.’” / I would extract it from there in brief time.’”



Vidua by Jessé


[3687] “In Lothringia there was a high[ly placed] man / [851] “In Lothringia there was a viscount                                                                                                                            

who was quite handsome as well as good. / who was quite courteous and good,

Toward himself he had taken a wife; / and he took onto him a wife,

there was not such a beauty [from there] to Frisia. / […] there was not a more beautiful one [from here] to Frisia.                                          

Both loved one another strongly, / They loved one another in great manner;

like two children they played [one with the other]. / like two children they played one with the other.                                                  

Much pleased her what he did / To her was good what he did,

and him what she said. / and to him [was even] better what she said.

--------------------------- / Never at your ages would you hear

--------------------------- / [860] any two persons so [well] assembled!

--------------------------- / One day he sat down in his house;

He held one day a knife; / in his hand he was holding a big stick

it was newly presented to him. / --------------------------------------------

In the other hand he held a stick / and in the other he was holding a knife

of which he wanted to make an arrow, / which was very newly crafted.

--------------------------------------------- / He was holding the stick and was whittling it,

--------------------------------------------- / and at the two ends was cutting it.

--------------------------------------------- / The lady was amusing herself with him,

--------------------------------------------- / and he was paying attention elsewhere.

--------------------------------------------- / Young woman is proud,

--------------------------------------------- / [870] may you know this, and bored.

but the lady thrust her hands toward it. / Straight toward the stick she thrust her hand!

[3700] The knife was so close to her / The knife was so close to her

that a little it hurt her in the thumb / that it struck her in the thumb

so that it made it bleed a little. / and made her bleed a little bit.

When he saw this, much it weighed on him, / When he saw it, he fainted

but then he neither drank nor ate, / and said [that] never again he will eat.

instead he suffered from it so strongly / And he grieved so strongly about it

that the next day he died from it. / that the next day he died from it.

He did not have a lion’s heart / That one did not have at all a lion’s heart,

when he died because of this event. / [880] [he] who died for such a reason!

The body they had prepared / They had the corpse prepared

[3710] and carried it to the church, / and carried it to the church,

there was a new cemetery / in a new cemetery

which was well outside the town. / (it was outside the city, very beautiful,

-------------------------------------- / it was blessed and all sacred)

There they buried this body / where the viscount was interred.

the day on which he was carried there. / -------------------------------------

And the lady sighs and weeps / And the lady sighs and weeps,

and said [that] her hour [of death] remains [too distant]. / and it weighs on her that she is still living.                                                         On the tomb she sat down, / On the tomb she sat down

and swears [by] God and Saint Denis / [890] and swears [by] God and Saint Denis

[that] she will never leave from there / that she will never again leave from there

------------------------------------------- / nor will enter the city,

------------------------------------------- / but will remain with her lord

[3720] until the day when she will die. / until God ends her day.

To her came her lineage: / She did not want to believe her family,

‘Lady, your are not wise at all. / priest, canon, cleric or sage.

Richly you would be married / --------------------------------

and very highly wedded.’ / --------------------------------------

She said that she would never leave from there / ------------------

until the day when she will die, / ----------------------------------------------

because for her her husband died; / ------------------------------------------------------------

she wants to render him the reward for it. / --------------------------------------------------------------------

When those see [that] they will not lead her away from there, / When they see [that] they will not lead her away from                                                                                                                                                                         

-------------------------------------------- / they say [that] they will never use force in the matter:                           [there.                                                                                                                                                                        

-------------------------------------------- / ‘If she wants to, she will be a recluse,

-------------------------------------------- / [900] or she will come back from there into the city.’                                                       

[3730] they left her  immediately. / They quickly make a lodge

A shelter they make her quickly; / and fit it out for her nobly.

-------------------------------------- / They bring her a bed and fire;

-------------------------------------- / alone she will remain in this place.

there they leave her, alone. / Very small is the house;

------------------------------- / three days she was there, keeping watch.

------------------------------- / [907-914 lacuna]

They bring logs and fire, / ----------------------------------------------

and she remains in that place. / ----------------------------------------

Those leave from there and left her / ---------------------------------

once they [had] prepared their departure. / --------------------------

At that time that I am telling you / --------------------------------------

when this duke was buried, / ----------------------------------------------

there were in the country three knights, / ------------------------------------

----------------------------------------------- / […]

----------------------------------------------- / [915] and asked him for his land.

[3740] good-for-nothings, big and fierce robbers. / Outlaws they were; much they aggrieved him

That region they had much devastated / and devastated his land holdings.

and much ravaged and robbed, / ---------------------------------------------

----------------------------------- / Now occurred thus the incident

----------------------------------- / (for them it was heavy and hard!)

but they were taken at a pass / [920] in which they were taken at a checkpoint                                          .                                             

and retained by vassalage. / and [were] held as vassals

------------------------------ / the very day of which I am speaking

------------------------------ / [and] on which the viscount was buried.

For their crime[s] they were judged, / They are right away given over to the king.

----------------------------------------- / He was happy when he saw them

------------------------------------------ / and said [that] he would not make a case of them,

------------------------------------------ / but would very quickly hang them.

to the gallows they were sent; / He had them led on the mount;

---------------------------------- / [930 lacuna]

their hands they tie and they blindfolded them, / feet bound; they bandaged up the[ir] eyes

and straight to the gallows they lead them. / ---------------------------------------

What [else] would I say about it? They were hanged, / and quickly hung them.

[3750] and the people came back from there. / ------------------------------------

In the town there was a knight / In the town there was a knight

who was not cowardly, not cowardly [at all]. / who made strong [efforts] to have esteem.

---------------------------------------------------- / He served the king honorably.

When a traitor was hanged there / When a traitor was hanged,

[and] either a bad good-for-nothing or a robber, / a bad robber or a thief,

it behooved him to guard all; / he guarded him without company,

[nobody] could in other ways escape from there. / -------------------------

--------------------------------------------------------- / all armed on a horse,

-------------------------------------------------------- / [940] so that there was with him no man of flesh [and blood].

------------------------------------------------------- / If the thief was stolen

------------------------------------------------------- / or by his family carried [off],

------------------------------------------------------- / he was hanged immediately

------------------------------------------------------- / in that place where the thief had been.

Now know well, by Saint Gervais, / As for me, I say, by Saint Gervais

[that] this was a very bad job! / that the fief was bad!

----------------------------------- / The day goes [by], night came.

----------------------------------- / The one who held the fief

----------------------------------- / had quickly armed himself

Onto his horse this [knight] mounted, / [950] and climbed onto the mount,

[3760] straight to the gallows he went. / close to the gallows he stopped.

-------------------------------------------- / He hardly felt lost

-------------------------------------------- / nor in any way frightened,

-------------------------------------------- / for he was acustomed to the fact.

This was around Saint Andrew’s day, / It was around Saint Andrew’s day,

when the place was very chilly. / [so] that the place was frigid,

------------------------------------ / for it was windy and it snowed

------------------------------------ / and it was very severely wintery.

A long while he was there; / And he stood [there] who was cold

much did this cold aggrieve him. / [960] so that he lost [his] vigor.

-------------------------------------- / So he did not know how to ‘contain’ himself

-------------------------------------- / nor did he dare to leave the evil-doers

Then he looked toward the cemetery, / He looks down toward the cemetery

where the lady was living her grief. / where the lady carried on [with] her anger;

----------------------------------------- / she weeps and sighs and laments,

----------------------------------------- / toward sorrow she has put her reasoning.

Well he knew that she was his neighbor, / He recognized her: she was his neighbor,

but she was not at all his cousin. / but was not at all his cousin.

------------------------------------- / He was there the day

------------------------------------- / [970] the viscount was interred.

------------------------------------ / He sees the fire which was burning bright,

------------------------------------ / which was from the dry log;

He thought to himself that he will go there / he thought to himself that he will go [there]

[3770] and warm himself a little. / and will warm himself a little.

So he quickly spurs on the horse, / He spurs on the horse and turns [away] from there,

that way he goes without tarrying. / he came to the lady who was dull.

‘[My] lady,’ he said, ‘open your shelter / ---------------------------------

and receive me with you! / ---------------------------------------------

------------------------------ / He stops outside and calls to her:

------------------------------ / ‘What are you doing, beautiful friend?’ ‘Vassal,’ she said, ‘who are you

------------------------------ / [980] who at such an hour wanders up here?’

I am Gerart, the son of Guion, / ‘I am Hervé, son of Guion,

who guards up there those three good-for-nothings. / who guards up there those three evil-doers.

------------------------------------------------------------ / This is my job, you know it well,

------------------------------------------------------------ / but the weather is ‘disfigured’,

------------------------------------------------------------ / for it is windy and cold

------------------------------------------------------------ / and it is winter beyond measure.

------------------------------------------------------------ / Let me enter in there with you

------------------------------------------------------------ / and warm [myself] a tiny bit!

Never from me will you hear anything vile, / You will not have [accusations of] vileness because of this                                                       

nor a lecherous word.’ / [990] nor talk of contempt,

-------------------------- / truly I affirm it to you.’

[3780] Said the lady: ‘So enter here / ‘So you can come in, [my] friend.’

when you assure me of this.’ / ---------------------------------------------

And the knight entered there, / She opens the door and he entered;

his horse he attached outside. / the horse he attached outside.

He was neither bad nor a villain, / ---------------------------------------------

------------------------------------- / He came to the fire (he was not wicked!),

toward the fire he had stretched out his hands. / agreeably he stretched out his hands.

------------------------------------------------------ / And then the color came back to him,

When he had retaken his vigor / he recovers all his vigor.

and his color has come back, / -----------------------------------------------------

he said to her: ‘Dear friend, / ‘Ah!’ he said, ‘dear friend,

what are you doing beside this coffin? / [1000] what are you doing at this coffin?

Never before woman did this, / Never did [any] man do this

[3790] such action she did not undertake, / [and] undertake such an action.

for one cannot escape death, / One can never  recover a dead one,

neither for promising nor for giving [something]. / -------------------------

--------------------------------------------------------- / nobody did or will do it!

--------------------------------------------------------- / And God said it and commanded

--------------------------------------------------------- / that one do good [things] for the dead,

--------------------------------------------------------- / for one cannot recover anything there.

--------------------------------------------------------- / Believe, [my] beautiful, your family;

You have very rich friends, / [1010] you will have [another] rich marriage,

knights who are of great value; / -----------------------------------------------

these will give you a valiant husband, / quite better, I am sure of it,

a very noble man, and very powerful. / four times [better] than the first one.’

For there is not in the world such pain / ----------------------------------------------

nor storm, nor darkness / ----------------------------------------------------------------------

that one must not forget altogether, / -----------------------------------------------------------------

[3800] for death makes everything come to an end.’ / ----------------------------------------------

----------------------------------------------------------- / And she responds: ‘I will not at all do [it]!

----------------------------------------------------------- / In sorrow will I use my life,

She said that she will not leave from there / [2017] Never from here will I leave

before the day when she will die, / until the hour at which I will die.’

that for her her baron died; / [2015] for for me [my] baron died;

so she will render him the reward. / I will render him the reward for it.

There she wants, this she said, to die / ----------------------------------------

and her life thus finish. / -------------------------------------------------------------

The knight has tarried too long. / ---------------------------------------------------------

So much pleaded he with the lady, / ----------------------------------------------------------

----------------------------------------- / [2019] So it got nicer for him through warming up

----------------------------------------- / and through speaking with the lady.

so long did he stay there / So much he stood there by her fireplace

[3810] that one of the good-for-nothings was removed. / that one of the evil-doers was stolen,

---------------------------------------------------------------- / and his family carried him off,

--------------------------------------------------------------- / for the shame weighed on them.                                             .                                                       

The knight thought to himself / The knight departed from [the lady];

that he will go straight to the gallows. / to the gallows he came and determined

------------------------------------------- / that the evil-doer had been carried off from there;                                                 

------------------------------------------- / then he became severely demented.

Upon his horse he mounted / ---------------------------------------------------

and left for the gallows. / -------------------------------------------------------

In the place he stopped, / -------------------------------------------------------

looked up to the gallows, / -----------------------------------------------------

did not see the good-for-nothing: / -------------------------------------------

so he knows well that it was removed. / --------------------------------------

Now he considers himself well disgraced / --------------------------------------

[3820] and fears that he be shamed; / --------------------------------------------------

he does not know what he could become, / -----------------------------------------------------

nor the country where he must flee. / He thinks in himself that he will flee from there there,

----------------------------------------- / [1030] and afterward that he will not do [it];

He thought to himself that he will go / rather he will go back to the house

to the lady and ask for advice / to [discuss] advice with the lady,

[and get] to know whether she would know how to give him / to know whether he would find help                                                                                  [a means] by which he could save himself. / by which he would be able to save his life.

Right away he spurs on the horse, / He spurs on the horse and came back

to the shelter he goes back. / --------------------------------------------------

The frank man stopped outside / ----------------------------------------

[3830] and called the lady toward him: / and very simply said to her:

‘[My] lady,’ he said, ‘I am much shamed, / [My] lady, I have come back!

disinherited and in bad shape, / A bad thing has happened to me,

for one has removed one good-for-nothing; / for one of the evil-doers has been stolen;

his relatives carried him away. / [1040] his family has carried it off.

Now it behooves me to flee to Frisia! / So now it will behoove me to go to Frisia;

I will not await justice.’ / I will not wait for the judgment.’

‘Friend,’ the lady said, ‘listen / ‘Brother,’ she said, ‘it is a great loss

---------------------------------- / if you let [go] your inheritance.

---------------------------------- /Long [distances] you could go overland

---------------------------------- / before you could conquer as much of it.

and hear my word: / ----------------------------------------------------------

if you wanted to love me / But if you want to love me

[3840] and take me as [your] wife and marry [me], / and take me as wife and marry [me]

I would give you good advice / I would give you such advice

and make such a stratagem / [1050] and would make such a stratagem

that in [this] country you would hold on to your land,  / [as to ensure] that you would not lose the land,                                                               [that] from nowhere you would have war.’ / but would hold it in peace without war.’

‘[My] lady,’ he said, ‘I promise you / ‘[My] lady,’ he said, ‘much will I have of it;

to keep to this covenant.’ / for evermore will I love you.’

‘Friend,’ said she, ‘listen to me, / ---------------------------------------------------------

so I will tell you my plan. / ---------------------------------------------------------------

See here now my lord / ‘Come forward! See my lord

[3850] who was buried this day. / that was interred this very day.

Since then, certainly, he did not move at all, / Nevermore will he get worse,

nor will the sheet around him worsen. / nor will he move a sheet around himself.

Come forward and take him, / Come forward and dig him up!

in place of the good-for-nothing hang him!’ / [1060] Put him up instead of the evil-doer!’

‘[My] lady,’ he said, ‘I will do it; / --------------------------------------------------------------

I will obey [you] at your pleasure.’ / -----------------------------------------------------

The body they now dug up / He came forward and they dug him up

-------------------------------- / and put him up instead of the evil-doer.

-------------------------------- / Onto the horse they lifted him,

and straight to the gallows carried it; / right straight to the gallows they carried him.

a ladder they put up to the top. / -------------------------------------------------------

[3860] Now is the honest god put back [in his place! / --------------------------------------

‘[My] lady,’ he said, ‘if I were to hang him, / [My] lady,’ he said, ‘if I were to hang [him],

an altogether fine coward would I become.’ / I would become a very fine coward through it.’

‘[My] friend,’ said she, ‘I will hang him / ‘Friend,’ she said, ‘I will hang [him]

for your love, without any delay.’ / for your love, without any delay.’

--------------------------------------- / For the ladder she had gone

--------------------------------------- / [1070] in the center of the place where it had been carried.

---------------------------------------- / She had put it up to the top.

---------------------------------------- / Now the honest sorrow has been put [aside]!

The lady was of a bad lineage: / The lady was of a bad sort:

around his neck she put the noose, / around his neck she put the noose,

----------------------------------------- / and the knight lifted him up.

----------------------------------------- / The lady hung her lord

----------------------------------------- / in the very place of the evil-doer!

----------------------------------------- / The sage Solomon spoke the truth:

----------------------------------------- / when woman  pretends to love

----------------------------------------- / [1080] then it behooves [one] to be wary of her.                                                      .                                                        

then she climbed down from there, / She descends and addresses him

to the knight she went. / where she sees him seated:

-------------------------- / ‘Friend, by God the glorious,

-------------------------- / a great marvel have I done for you!

--------------------------- / I coveted very much your love

--------------------------- / when for it I hung my lord.’

--------------------------- / ‘[My] lady,’ he said, ‘I am badly positioned,

--------------------------- / [1088] so help me God who does not lie,

‘[My] lady,’ he said, ‘he is up there, / [1099] ‘[My] lady,’ he said, ‘now he hangs up there,                                                          

[3870] but, by my head, there is more: / but, by my head, there is more,

the other one was wounded in the hanging / for during the taking [of him as prisoner] he was wounded                                        

with a sword in the sides.’ / through the side by a sword.

------------------------------ / As soon as they will see him whole,

------------------------------ / they will immediately know him.’

Said the lady: ‘So wound him, / And the lady responded to him:

for you are well relieved by it, / ‘We are at ease [when it comes] to wounding [him].                                                  .                                                         

and if you wish, I will strike him / I will do it, if you wish,

right away, without any delay.’ / in order to accomplish your wishes.’

The lady seized a sword, / He held out the sword to her:

her lord she strikes in the side; / [1110] the lady struck her lord!

such a violent thrust she gave him / [1111-1114 lacuna]

[3880] that the iron passed through him.  / --------------------------

‘[My] lady,’ he said, ‘he is up there, / --------------------------------------

but, by my head, there is more: / ------------------------------------------------

the other one had two broken teeth. / [1089] for that one had broken two teeth.

Tomorrow, when the people will come here, / Tomorrow, when the people will come here

right away they will recognize it / he will be immediately recognized

as soon as they will see it/him.’ / as soon as he will be seen by [his] face.’

‘[My] friend,’ she said, ‘so break his [teeth]! / -----------------------------

Very well are you relieved by it, / -------------------------------------------

and if you wish, I will break them / ----------------------------------------

[3890] right away, without any delay.’ / ------------------------------------

Then she seized a stone, / She seized a stone.------------------------------

----------------------------- / Well has the Devil inspired her!

toward him she comes, all eager; / Up the ladder she goes back,

now she broke two of his teeth / with one hit she broke three of his teeth!

and afterward climbed down. / Then she descends and said to him

---------------------------------- / [1098] that she had furnished [the answer to]  his entire request.

And when she had climbed down, / -------------------------------------------------------------------

to the knight she came. / -------------------------------------------------------------------------

Right away she addressed him, / ---------------------------------------------------------

afterward she told him her thinking: /  -------------------------------------------

‘[My] friend, strongly I valued your love / ----------------------------------

[3900] when I hanged my lord.’ / ----------------------------------------

‘True?’ he said. ‘Dirty whore! / [1115] ‘Truly,’ he said, ‘dirty whore!

By the Lord God who made Eve / By Lord God who made Eve

may he, whoever he may be, be disgraced / may he be cursed, whoever he may be,

for believing in a bad woman! / who believes too much in his wife.

----------------------------------- / Go away! Flee from here now!

----------------------------------- / [1120] So help me God who does not lie,

----------------------------------- / I would judge with reason

----------------------------------- / that one put you to coal [ashes].

Soon have you forgotten the one / Soon you have forgotten the one

who for you was yesterday interred! / who was yesterday interred for you!’

I would judge with reason / -----------------------------------------------------

that one burn you to coal for it.’ / --------------------------------------------------

The lady had pain [because] of these news: / She had anger [hearing] the news

[3910] now she has fallen between two saddles! / well has she fallen between two seats

-------------------------------------------------------- / Good king, by God the glorious,

Like this you act [as well], lord king, / this example I tell for you.

by that faith that I owe you. / -----------------------------------------------------------------

That woman [= your wife] torments you strongly: /  --------------------------------------

you believe her more than your [eye] sight. / ----------------------------------------------

You will hear in [good] time the explanation / --------------------------------------------

[of] who will be wrong, indeed, and who not.” / -----------------------------------------

------------------------------------------------------ / You are all grey and white,

------------------------------------------------------ / [1130] your son is your flesh and your blood.

------------------------------------------------------ / He would let himself be totally put to pieces

------------------------------------------------------ / for you, by the baron Saint Richier.

------------------------------------------------------ / If he were beside you in [times of] need,

------------------------------------------------------ / he would not keep himself far away

------------------------------------------------------ / and would look at your wife

------------------------------------------------------ / [to see] to which man she would give herself.

------------------------------------------------------ / Do not kill your child

------------------------------------------------------ / for the word of the seductress.”


Virgilius by the queen


[3931] “Virgil was once in Rome, / [1177] “Virgil was in Rome;

in this century there was no wiser man. / in that age there was no wiser man,

---------------------------------------------- / who had mastery of all the arts:

---------------------------------------------- / this the learned [community] tells us.

Virgil made in Rome a fire / Virgil made a fire in Rome

by necromancy, in a very beautiful place, / through necromancy, in a very beautiful spot,

which by night and by day burned; / which night and day burned all days

not once did it grow / so that it not once grew [bigger]

nor became smaller at other time[s]; / nor at other times diminished.

the century marvelled much at it. / The whole people marvelled [at it].

Still more did he make in that fire: / He did in this fire still more:

[3940] a man of bronze he throws on it, / a man of bronze he erected upon it.

---------------------------------------------- / Here it was drawing [a bow]

---------------------------------------------- / [1190] between two magnetic rocks.

---------------------------------------------- / Very big was the nasty [statue];

and he held a bow in his hand / the bow “Which does not fail” it held in its hand.

which was also of bronze. / -----------------------------------------------------------

Letters he had written on the collar / Letters it had written on the neck

which said to whom reads them: / which said to whomever saw them

‘Whoever will strike me, I will shoot [him].’ / “If someone strikes me, I will shoot.”

More there was not, nor is there anything else. / Nothing else it said, nor is there anything more.

People go there to assemble / From all parts people came,

--------------------------------- / big and small, communally,

and to look at that marvel, / to look at this marvel

------------------------------- / [1200] of which they had heard [people] speak

------------------------------- / (never, certainly, was the spot lonely!),

------------------------------- / [and] to look at the man and the fire.

and the clerks read the letters, / And the clerks read the letters,

[3950] for they know well what they said. / ---------------------------------------

------------------------------------------------- / recounted them to the other people.

------------------------------------------------- / For four hundert years was the work such

------------------------------------------------- / that the fire never failed

A bishop came there from Carthage, / when a bishop came there from Carthage,

who was much of a very great lineage. / proud and of great lineage.

The letters he saw and looked at them; / The letters he saw and looked at,

it seemed to him to [amount to] little. / [1210] and it seemed to him a little thing.

To his people he said that he would strike him there. / To his people he said that he would strike it,

------------------------------------------------------------- / and they say that he should not do [it].

‘Sire, well must you be silent about it / ‘Sire, you must well be silent about it

when other people do not dare to do it.’ / when no man would dare to do it.’

In his hand he held a stick, / Proud was he: he held a stick

[3960] so he struck him with it in the neck, / and with it gave [hits] onto the [statue’s] head.

and he right away shot / And that one shoots, strikes at the fire;

in the center of the fire and extinguished it / and right away it extinguished itself there

so that they could not ever choose / so that they could never determine

any glowing ash nor see any coal. / [1220] any coal [ashes] nor any log sticking out,

--------------------------------------- / nor could they determine the spot

--------------------------------------- / or the place where the fire was.

Virgil made such presents / Virgil made of such jewels

inside Rome, quite a few of the most beautiful, / quite a few in Rome, and the most beautiful,

for at the gate over there / for [example] at the gate [lying] toward us

he cast a[nother] man of bronze. / he made a marvelous man of bronze.

-------------------------------------- / A ball it had in its hand,

-------------------------------------- / which was likewise of bronze.

At the other gate by his hand / At the other gate from t

[3970] he cast a [third] man of bronze; / [1230] he erected another man.

a beautiful ball he had / --------------------------------------------------------------

in his hand, which was of bronze. / ==================================

From here to there, at the strike of nine / On Saturdays, at the strike of the ninth hour,

on Saturday[s] when it sounds, / this one from there, when [the hour] sounded,

to the other street he throws it; / threw the ball to the other,

thus they carry on such play. / and they carried on such play.

From here to there [one of them] is occupied by it / And he from there remains in possession [of the ball]

between them [every] other Saturday. / until the following Saturday;

-------------------------------------------- / then he launched it to the other,

-------------------------------------------- / [so] that the whole people watched it.

Virgil made a mirror / Furthermore he made a mirror

[3980] which was much of great value. / [1440] which was of very great value.

Much was this mirror prized; / [1442] the mirror was much prized.

in height it was well a hundred feet. / [1441] It was a hundred feet high;

Much had he very well illuminated it;  / At night it gave such great clarity

one saw in it throughout the city. / that those from the city [could] see.

The servants who went for wine / The servants who were going [to get] wine

carried there no other candle. / did not carry other candles,

---------------------------------- / nor a lantern, nor any torch,

---------------------------------- / nor any coal to see clear.

Never was the night so troubled / ------------------------------------

that [people] would have lost anything there / When a thing was lost

by robbers or by thieves; / [1250] or held in the hand of a thief,

[3990] the mirror was their explanation. / they ran to the mirror to know

To no avail would [somebody] steal land / [1253] To no avail a thief would steal here

when he would enjoy nothing. / since he would never eat of [the thieves’ spoils].

----------------------------------- / If he had ever done a treason[ous act]

----------------------------------- / or a murder or a killing,

To the mirror [people] run to know / it would be seen in the mirror;

------------------------------------------ / so the realm was free of these [crimes].

which way their possessions have turned. / [1252] into which area this possession had been turned.

Much was at peace this land, / ------------------------------------------------------------------------------

from nowhere was there [a threat of] war; / --------------------------------------------------------

to the mirror they run to know / ----------------------------------------------------------------

when a war there must be. / ----------------------------------------------------------------

Nobody dared to invade it, / ----------------------------------------------------------

[4000] neither kings nor dukes nor counts [dared to] attack. / ---------------

Much were the Romans proud: / ---------------------------------------------

nobody could humble them. / ----------------------------------------------

--------------------------------- / And when a king from a foreign land

--------------------------------- / [1260] wanted to make war against Rome,

--------------------------------- / they knew it through the mirror;

--------------------------------- / straight away got themselves ready

--------------------------------- / the Romans and issued forth from there,

--------------------------------- / big and small […],

--------------------------------- / and ran there under one [battle] noise.

--------------------------------- / Soon was this [foreign] realm destroyed!

--------------------------------- / [1267] All [their enemies] bore toward [the city] great envy

--------------------------------- / [1269] that nothing could aggrieve them,

--------------------------------- / that the mirror covered them.

But in Hungary there was a king / There was in Hungary a king

who was very wise and courteous, / who was very wise and courteous

---------------------------------------- / and of very powerful wealth;

---------------------------------------- / he had no neighbor who had as much.

---------------------------------------- / And he had such [an army of] knights [that],

---------------------------------------- / if it could be assembled

---------------------------------------- / and entered into Rome,

---------------------------------------- / the land would very well be devastated.

and he was greatly envious / ------------------------------------------------------

of Rome having such hegemony. / [1268] that Rome had such overlordship

Four sergeants he called; / He called on four sergeants;

he had nourished them, much he trusted them. / [1280] he had nourished them, much he trusted them:                                      

 ‘[My] lords, much is my heart swollen / ‘Th[is] heart of mine is much swollen

[4010] [at the thought] that in Rome there is such great dignity. / [because of the fact] that Rome has such great                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        .                                                                                                                                                            [dignity.

----------------------------------------- / The king is not worth a penny!

----------------------------------------- / Never did God make a usurer

----------------------------------------- / who would have been so covetous of wealth [like the king];

----------------------------------------- / [who] would have [taken as] lightly to deceiving.’

The Romans are of very great pride / --------------------------------------------------------------------

for the love of that mirror.’ / --------------------------------------------------------------------------

Said one sergeant: ‘If the heart does not fail, / Said one [of them]: ‘If the heart does not fail

the mirror which is high / the mirror which is high up,

---------------------------- / the very highest […]

we will make tumble down for you / 1290] we will make crash down for you.’

----------------------------------------- / The king hears it and was happy.

----------------------------------------- / ‘What evil [plan] are you talking about?

quickly, without delaying. / --------------------------------------------------------

But charge us with your wealth.’ / -------------------------------------------------

‘Take of it at your desire,’ / --------------------------------------------------------

goes the king, ‘silver as well as gold, / -------------------------------------------------

[4020] for much of it there is in my treasur[y], / I will put my entire treasure into it

if you wish, grain [barrels] filled [to the brim], / --------------------------------------

------------------------------------------------------ / and other wealth that I will seek.’

------------------------------------------------------ / ‘So you brought us enough money,

------------------------------------------------------ / and we will go to see the city.

------------------------------------------------------ / You will hear quite a bit of what we will be doing,

------------------------------------------------------ / and to what end we will be using [that money].’

------------------------------------------------------ / ‘Take brim-full measures of [money],

and load of them big cartloads full.’ / [1300] and load up carts-full of it!’

------------------------------------------ / They have their march prepared

------------------------------------------ / and on three carts loaded

------------------------------------------ / the barrels full of gold and of silver,

------------------------------------------ / and turn from there secretly.

And those do so diligently / -------------------------------------------

when they hear his order. / --------------------------------------------

Then they took to the road / -------------------------------------------

and went straight to Rome. / To the Roman region they go at night.

------------------------------- / They accomplished much, I think!

When they approached Rome, / A little bit beyond the city

they had tarried a little, / ---------------------------------------

and come under an olive tree, / under a branched olive tree,

----------------------------------- /on the very great road

----------------------------------- / [1310] they make a ditch before morning.

[4030] high and branched and plentiful. / ----------------------------------

They unloaded from the carts the barrels / -----------------------------

full of possessions and jewels; / --------------------------------------

a full [load] of it they buried / One of the barrels they interred,

---------------------------------- / of gold and of silver [it was] very well filled to the brim.

right away, then they left. / --------------------------------------------------------------------

Straight to Rome , without delaying, / --------------------------------------------------

they go, they do not want to tarry. / -----------------------------------------------

Further on on their iron-hard road, / ----------------------------------------

there they found three intersections; / At the other three greater roads

three very large ditches they made there, / -------------------------------

[4040] the three barrels they put in there. / the sergeants did as much,

From there they left then / ------------------------------------------------

and go straight to Rome. / -------------------------------------------

Afterward the went to lodge / and then they went to lodge

with a burgher and well-off [person]. / ----------------------------

-------------------------------------------- / and be at ease in the city.

They held [their] lodging with great noble [liberality], / And they spent so liberally

--------------------------------------------------------------- / that the Romans were astounded.

for they will want to carry on richly. / -----------------------------------------------------------

Who[ever] wants to, he eats in their lodging; / [1320] for who wants to, eats at their court

never will there be a door held [closed]. / 1319] Their door was not held [closed],

----------------------------------------------- / [1321] Five courses the poor people have there;                                              .                                                     

----------------------------------------------- / very richly they enjoy themselves.

As soon as they saw evening come, / As soon as they hear the ninth hour sound,

[4050] they had big candles lit, / they have the candles lit;

for they say that the body will be low / and they say that the court is low [on hand-outs]                                               .                                                           

when the ninth hour comes, / as soon as the ninth hour passes,

nor will court be liberally held / nor [that] the court is nobly held

when there has no plenty been seen. / when plentifulness there is not seen.

The king heard [people] talk about it; / One goes to tell it at the king’s,

he goes to see them and to look. / [1330] up in the rich palace,

-------------------------------------- / that there are in the city such people

-------------------------------------- / who are spending the entire wealth of God.

He did not go too privately, / The king goes up [there], goes to see them;

rather he led with him a great [number of] people. / up to seven knights he leads [with him].

When those heard it, they went toward [him], / Those [others] were very happy when they see him,                                              ----------------------------------------------------- / because they wanted very well to speak to him.                                                      ----------------------------------------------------- / They have the candles lit,

[4060] wine and claret they brought him. / in flasks of gold [they have] the wine brought in.                                                             

------------------------------------------------ / For the king they made a high [feast]

------------------------------------------------ / [1340] and carried on with such generosity

To the last one who drank the wine / that he who drank of the wine last

they gave the cup of fine gold. / carried away the cup of fine gold.

The king marvelled at that, / The king saw it and crossed himself,

right away he asked them: / quickly he addressed them:

‘[My] lords, tell me where you take / ‘Sires, by God the glorious,

----------------------------------------- / where are you from? And how are you?

----------------------------------------- / I marvel where you take

this great wealth that you are spending. / the great wealth that you are spending.

I could not suffer / I could not suffer

this expense that I see you carrying out.’ / [1350] what I see you maintaining.’

One of the sergeants had spoken: / One of them responds like a sensible [man]:

[4070] ‘Lord God gives it to us. / ‘And Lord God gives it to us.

We do no other work / We have no other profession

except only to dream. / except only [what concerns] dreaming.

The treasures we have unearthed / The treasure we extract from the earth

and we are spending them liberally. / and spend it liberally.’

Then said the king right away: ‘[My] lords, hear my opinion / ‘Lord barons,’ this said the king,

:I have this kingdom to govern; / ---------------------------------------------------------------------

know [that] I want to share with you.’ / ‘so come together with me.

-------------------------------------------- / Lots of treasures there are in this land

-------------------------------------------- / [1360] that pagans lost through war.

-------------------------------------------- / I must well leave with you,

------------------------------------------- / [I who] have to maintain the land.’ 

Those reply together: / They respond: ‘Handsome lord king

[4080] ‘Sire, we will do your command.’ / we will remain with you two months.’

So then the king went away, / --------------------------------------------------------

there he remained no longer. / -------------------------------------------------------

And the sergeants go to bed / --------------------------------------------------------

quickly, without delaying / ----------------------------------------------------------

----------------------------- / One said to the other: ‘Now it will appear

----------------------------- / who will immediately dream better!’

----------------------------- / They take an oath [among] themselves until the day

In the morning they rose at day[light], / ------------------------------------------

to the king they, straight into his tower. / when they go to the noble emperor,

Said one sergeant: ‘I have dreamt / and one of them said: ‘I dreamt

a bit of  very rich possessions: / [1370] [about] a little bit of very easy wealth:

a barrel full of silver and of gold; / a barrel full of silver and of gold;

[4090] there is no more in this treasure.’ / there is nothing more in this treasure.

---------------------------------------------- / Lets go and lets take of it so much; 

---------------------------------------------- / afterwards we will have another greater one.’

---------------------------------------------- / The king had come up there,

The king brought three sergeants to them / with him [were] knights and burghers.

who were courteous and brave. / -----------------------------------------------------

Straight to the olive tree they came, / He led them [down] the road

---------------------------------------- / at the very [hour] of dawn […].

there they stopped. / -------------------------------------------------------

The barrel they dug up, / They begin to dig

--------------------------- / [1380] quickly, with great impetuosity;

then they had left from there. / ---------------------------------------

--------------------------------- / they pulled the barrel from the earth:

--------------------------------- / the king saw it, great joy he has about it.

To the king they give [it] all right away, / They gave him without dividing;

they are astonishing him strongly. / by that much they caused him to be astounded                                    .                                               

To the other barrels they went, / And the other night they dreamt again [about]

[4100] right away they dug them up. / the three barrels and pulled them out.

To the king they give [them] all, without sharing; / -----[cf. 1383]--------------

all this they do in order to astonish him. / ----------------[cf. 1384]--------------

---------------------------------------------- / [About] just as much, by Saint Simon,

---------------------------------------------- / could dream a foolish boy!

Four days they spent thus, / Then they waited until the fourth day

of nothing did they speak. / ----------------------------------------------

To the king they went now / [1390] when they go to the noble emperor.

and spoke to him within [everyone’s] earshot. / -------------------------

One sergeant said: ‘This dreaming / ‘Sire,’ they go, ‘such dreaming

can hardly advance us. / can hardly advance us,

Ha! Noble emperor, / -----------------------------------------------------------

[4110] there is underneath this mirror, / but we know about such a treasure

this you should know, such great wealth / where there is more silver and gold,

that there is no man born  / to my knowledge, than could be

who would [be able to] put a number to it / with the Holy Father who would put it there [?].

and there is nobody who would [be able to] exhaust it.’ / --------------------------------------                                                                                                                                        

---------------------------------------------------------------- / Ah! Noble emperor,

---------------------------------------------------------------- / may there have been a good return! [?]’

This said the king: ‘This I believe well, / And he responds: ‘You speak the truth!’

so help me God and Saint Aignien, / --------------------------------------------------

----------------------------------------- / [1400] (He was covetous of wealth.)

----------------------------------------- / ‘Where is it? Do not at all hide it!

----------------------------------------- / May your company have good [results]!’

----------------------------------------- / ‘Sire, by God the Creator,

----------------------------------------- / it is underneath the mirror.’

----------------------------------------- / And the king said: ‘By Saint Aignien,

----------------------------------------- / that treasure is not good at all.

but for a thousand marks I would not suffer, / Even for a thousand marks I would not like,

for any wealth I would not want / much against myself I would suffer

[that] the mirror were damaged, / that the base [of the mirror] were at all damaged,                                                 .                                              

[4120] [that for] neither this nor that it were pulled down.’ / [1410] that the mirror were to collapse.’                                                                 ------------------------------------------------------------------- / Those respond without delaying:                                                               

‘We will dig above from afar; / ---------------------------------------------------------------------

----------------------------------- / ‘There is no concern for the base;

we know much of such a job.’ / we will have [the mirror] well supported.

------------------------------------ / In order to mislead the emperor

The king responded to them angrily: / -------------------------------

‘It behooves me to do your pleasure.’ / ----------------------------

To the mirror those came, / --------------------------------------

and there they stopped. / ------------------------------------

They begin to dig from afar, / they began to dig

well do they take pains to astonish him. / -----------------------------------------------

So much they dug and so much they scraped / quickly and without leisure[ly pauses].

[4130] that they unearthed the mirror. / They dug underneath the base;

-------------------------------------------- / the earth they had carried away,

-------------------------------------------- / and they dug a little deep[er].

-------------------------------------------- / [1420] [It is only] by a little that it does not fall!                                                                                                           

When they saw that it was lost / --------------------------------------------------------------

and vilely confounded, / ----------------------------------------------------

they sturdied it a little bit, / -----------------------------------------------

then they had returned from there. / ----------------------------------

Before the king they came, / [1421] Quickly they came to the king

there they stopped: / ----------------------------------------------------

---------------------- / ‘Sire,’ they go, ‘the rest of today we will wait,

---------------------- / and tomorrow morning we will come back.

‘Now have the ditch guarded; / Have the ditch well guarded,

do not let any man live there. / -------------------------------------

---------------------------------- / for the treasure is up for finding.

Tomorrow you should have a thousand marks of fine gold,  / Tomorrow you will have a thousand marks of                                                    

                                                                                                                                                        [fine gold.                                                     [4140] more than had king Constantine. / Such wealth even Constantin did not have!’

---------------------------------------------- / Then they went to a burgher’s.

---------------------------------------------- / [1430] The king is very well enchanted!

---------------------------------------------- / Quickly they go to lie down;

---------------------------------------------- / they have no inclination to doze,

---------------------------------------------- / instead they removed themselves from the lodging.                                                  

--------------------------------------------- / They did not look at [their] horse[s],

--------------------------------------------- / but thought of digging further along,

--------------------------------------------- / [now] that they have well provided for their need[s].                                                   

Around midnight stumbled / Around midnight collapsed

the mirror and collapsed; / the mirror and crashed

thirty houses it brought down / so that it felled twenty houses

and vilely confounded. / [1440] and leveled [them] vilely.

--------------------------- / Then arise the noise and the shouts,

And the Romans were astounded by it, / and the Romans are all amazed.

--------------------------------------------- / Right straight to the lodging they went

--------------------------------------------- / and did not find the sergeants.

they come to the king and speak badly of him. / They came to the king and seized him

------------------------------------------------ / and very severely hurt him.

A full basin of gold they had boiled, / A basin full of gold they had boiled,

------------------------------------- / and then they run to seize the king;

at his body they throw it angrily: / at [his] body they throw [the gold] in large [amounts],

--------------------------------- / [1450] and then they addressed him proudly:

‘Gold you had, gold you coveted, / ‘Gold you had, gold you coveted,

[4150] and by a plenty of gold you will die!’ / and by plenty of gold you will die!’

Like this you, too, are serving [your people], good king, / ------------------------------------------

----------------------------------------------------------------- / thus you are doing [regarding] the traitors.

----------------------------------------------------------------- / If you do not kill this child,

by that faith that I owe you. / ----------------------------------------------------------------

You will die from greed, / --------------------------------------------------

so help me God and Saint Denis! / so help me God and Saint Amant,

The sayings of the Sages you coveted / ----------------------------------------

and, know [it] well, you will die from it, / --------------------------------------------

for they will make your son surmount [you] / -----------------------------------------------

[and make him] carry [your] crown during your lifetime.’” / he will be crowned this year,                                                       

--------------------------------------------------------------------- / and you will be turned into the valley [of death].’”



Inclusa by Berous / Meros


[4225] “There was once a knight / [1499] “There was once a knight

in the kingdom of Monbergier, / who resided next to Montpellier,

prized for [his] weapons and well travelled [he was] / prized for weapons [he was] and well travelled

 and through wealth richly powerful. / and through wealth strongly powerful.

In his bed he lay and dreamed / In his bed he lay and dreamt

[4230] that a beautiful lady he loved. / that he loved a beautiful lady.

He did not know from where she was nor from which land, / He does not know who she is, nor in what country,

except that his/her love made war against her/him; / but love made great war for him;

---------------------------------------------------------- / and he said [that] it will never finish,

---------------------------------------------------------- / nor will he take any good rest

---------------------------------------------------------- / until he will have found,

---------------------------------------------------------- / [1510] (if he could) kissed and embraced her

he knew very well, if he saw her, / ------------------------------------------------------------------

that very, very well he would recognize her. / ---------------------------------------------

And the lady dreamed as well / [1517] And that lady dreamt again

that she loved the knight. / and for as much she loved this one still,

She did not know from where he was, nor from which land, / [although] she never saw [him], but it seems to her,

except that her/his love made war against him/her;  / ---------------------------------------------------------------------

if she saw him, by chance, / when they will assemble together, [that] they

[4240] she would recognize him right away. / will well recognize each other. Exactly thus

--------------------------------------------------- / [1522] it happened, good king, as I tell you.

He had his departure prepared, / [1511] he had his expedition prepared,

and loaded a good horse, / and he led [with him] a great packhorse

know this, with gold and with silver, / which carried much gold and silver

for he wants to spend liberally. / that he wants to spend liberally.

I hold him [to be] the son of Folly / He can take himself for the son of Folin

who for dreaming enters upon a road[trip]! / who enters the road for [the purpose of] dreaming.

Three weeks did that one wander / Three whole months that one wandered about

[but] had not found anything / without having found anything,

of all that he sought, / that much he should have been able to perceive,

[4250] and [yet] had hope all days. / but well does his hope deceive him.

He came back through Hungary, / Then he came back through Hungary,

a very well endowed land. / through the most powerful domain.

Near the sea he finds a castle / On the sea he found a castle

which was closed by a new wall. / [1530] which was closed by a new wall.

The tower of it was beautiful and gentle, / The tower was beautiful and noble

high toward the sky, I am not lying, / and higher (may I not lie!)

very well an archer has conceived it [?]; / than if one were to shoot an arrow [?],

it was of a very beautiful appearance, / and more vermilion than a salmon;

it was thirty feet thick. / it was well eleven feet thick.

[4260] The lord was wealthy / Very well was [its lord] lodged!

to whom this castle belonged. / -----------------------------------------

The tower was very noble and strong; / --------------------------------------

-------------------------------------------- / Toward the sea, on the other side,

-------------------------------------------- / [1538] of no man had one a sighting.

-------------------------------------------- / [1540] From her to the main exit

-------------------------------------------- / there were twenty doors all barred.

ten well locked doors there were / Her lord had closed them;

which were nobly closed. / the keys he carried with him,

The lord carried the keys, / because he trusted nobody

no man did he trust: / ----------------------------------------------------------------

his wife was therein imprisoned / [1539] A lady he had put there in confinement.

who in beauty resembled a fairy. / ---------------------------------------------------

See here now the knight [who had] entered / [1545] See here now the knight,

[4270] the center of that vile place. / passing down the road;

He looked a little on his right / he had looked at the lady

and saw the lady at the window. / who was sitting at the window.

------------------------------------- / At the right hour he had come there!

------------------------------------- / [1550 lacuna]

Then he knew very well, when he sees her, / --------------------------

that this is she whom he was seeking. / ------------------------------

And the lady had also seen / She looked down the road

------------------------------- / [and] saw the [knight’s] company;

and recognized the knight / very well she recognized at his demeanor

who came down the wide road; / the knight who comes behind [the company]

well she recognized him by [his] face, / --------------------------------------------

that this was he of whom she dreamed. / [and] that it is he of whom she dreamt.

[4280] Right away she loved him more. / Inside her heart she loved him.

The God of love torments her strongly: / The God of love presses her hard:

she almost salutes us [?]! / but for a little she salutes [the knight]!

Because of her lord she did not dare to speak; / [But] because of her lord she did not dare to speak;

[instead] she took to singing a love song. / [1560] a song she began to sing.

------------------------------------------------ / The lord of the city had war;

------------------------------------------------ / his enemies devastated his land.

See here now the knight [who] came, / ----------------------------------------

under a tree he dismounted. / -------------------------------------------------

Straight away he came to the lord / ----------------------------------

and addressed him in the name of love: / The knight saluted him,

---------------------------------------------- / his service he presented him;

‘Sire, I am a knight, / -------------------------------------------------------

[4290] and I have great need to earn [my living]. /  ---------------------

Of you I have heard much talk. / ------------------------------------------

Retain me, by your grace, / ------------------------------------------------

for I have a great war in my country; / -----------------------------------

a knight I killed there.’ / ---------------------------------------------------

That one said: ‘Be you welcomed, / ----------------------------------------

with joy you should be received, / and he said that he would retain him

------------------------------------- / and would give him [recompense] liberally.

for I, too, have a very great war. / -------------------------------------------------

My enemies are devastating my land; / --------------------------------------------

so I would like to bring them much grief, / --------------------------------------

[4300] to disinherit [them] according to my power.’ / --------------------------

The lord had him lodged / ---------------------------------------------------------

with a burgher and [had him] made comfortable. /  ----------------------------

This knight was very courteous: / And that one was so brave and courteous

before three months had passed / [that], before the month had passed,

he freed the land / he had liberated his land

which painfully was at war, / [1570] and finished his great war;

and took all its ennemies / his enemies he took in the field

and put them in prison. / and exiled all of them alive.

There is nobody who does not see him willingly, / Then bring him much great honor

-------------------------------------------------------- / all the great and the lesser [people].

-------------------------------------------------------- / […]

[4310] and they bless the road / […] and they bless much the road

by which he came to the country / by which he came into the region,

when he finished their great war. / because he liberated the land.

So then that one made him senechal / ---------------------------------

of his land and of his household. / ----------------------------------------

He went one day enjoying himself, / One day he was walking, relaxing

in front of the tower marvelling. / [1580] [and] wondering in front of the tower.

The lady was at the window / The lady was at the window

who looked at the goings-on of the city. / who was looking at the life of the city;

She saw the knight, / ------------------------------------------------------------------

by [his] face she recognized him. / ----------------------------------------------------------------

She took a big piece of wood and threw it to him / she took a big piece of wood and threw it,

[4320] beside the tower and it fell toward him / next to the tower it fell [in front of] him.

in such a way that the thick [end] went [pointing] down / ---------------------------------

and the thin [end] fell [pointing] up. / -------------------------------------------------------

That one took the piece of wood and lifted it up;  / He passes forward and picked it up;

hollow it was inside, so he thought to himself / it was hollow inside, so he thought

that this was a sign / that this was a sign

that he pursued without hesitation / that he should pursue without delay

how he could talk to her / how he could go forward

[4330] and climb up in the tower. / [1590] and in her chamber speak with her.

Eight days had it thus been, / ------------------------------------------------------

of nothing had he spoken, / ------------------------------------------------------

but from then on he thought to himself / -----------------------------

how he will speak to the lady. / --------------------------------------

One day he came to the lord, / Right straight he came to his lord

--------------------------------- / and very simply said to him:

before him he stopped. / -------------------------------------

Now he put him to reason[ing] / -----------------------------

and asked him and inquired: / ----------------------------------

--------------------------------- / ‘Sire, I have war in my country;

--------------------------------- / I killed a knight there.’

--------------------------------- / [T]he [lord] said that [t]he [knight should] not be dismayed

--------------------------------- / for he will nobly retain him.

--------------------------------- / So he had made him senechal

--------------------------------- / of his land and of his household.

‘Sire, give me in the name of love / ‘Sire, give me [as well], out of love,

[4340] a place beside that tower / [1600] a place in front of the tower.

where I may begin a house; / A house I would lay out there;

it would be long and rather low. / it would be long and fairly low,

Privately I would enjoy myself there / [1604] and would enjoy myself simply there.’

and would put my harness therein.’ / [1603] for my equipment I would put in there

The duke responds to him at leisure: / And he responds: ‘Your pleasure

‘ Do in everything [at] your pleasure.’ / it behooves me to obey  everywhere.

Then that one had carpenters come, / Carpenters he [de]manded immediately

for he had enough money. / for money he had right then.

Beside the tower he made a lean-to; / At the tower he made a lean-to;

[4350] a palisade there was and a door. / [1610] a gate there was and a back-door.

This knight knew much of trickery: / [cf. 1618]

his room he made on one side. / -------------------------------------------------

------------------------------------ / He had the earth removed

------------------------------------ / and carried [away] by ten porters

------------------------------------ / with carts [down] the middle of the street.

------------------------------------ / Where the stable was founded

------------------------------------- / he had his horses lie there.

------------------------------------- / Another thing he will want to build:

------------------------------------- / his chamber he made in one portion.

-------------------------------------- / The knight knew a lot about stratagem[s]!

Then he had asked for a mason / Then he had [de]manded a mason

who was born in Monbrison. / [1620] who was born in Monbrison.

So much he promised him and gave him / So much he promised him, so much he gave him

that the mason assured him / that he assured him

that he would very well hide it, / -------------------------------------------------------------

[that] he would for nothing reveal it. / that he would never reveal [a secret],

------------------------------------------ / but would nobly hide it.

Now he pierced the tower, / Where the tower was pierced,

------------------------------- / there they began.

[4360] which had an arm’s length of thick[ness], / ----------------------

until he came right straight inside; / And he takes to digging from inside

you would never see a better thief. / so silently [that] the people did not hear it.

---------------------------------------- / The earth that he dug up [cf. 1611]

---------------------------------------- / [1630] he put underneath the horses.

---------------------------------------- / […]

---------------------------------------- / […]

In eleven days he worked so much / In fifteen days he worked so much

that he reached the window. / that he reached the window.

He lifted the [door] panel, / -----------------------------------------------------

then he turns [and] in a straight line / Straight to the knight he came running

came to his lord / ----------------------------------------------------------------

and addressed him in the name of love: / and had told him in person

‘You can go to your friend; / that now he can go to his friend,

[4370] I have built you the path.’ / that he built him a path-way.

About this that one did a great misdeed / Then that one did a great misdeed

[in] that he had killed the mason, / [1640] when he killed the mason,

but he did this by [way of a] cover / but he did it for cover,

because he wanted to hide the undertaking. / so that [t]he [mason] would not recount the undertaking.

Then he started down the pathway / Then [t]he [knight] enters the passage

and goes up the tower, / and runs up the tower,

then lifted the panel, / he lifted the trap-door a little

in the tower he enters straight ahead. / and entered inside the chamber.

There he found the lady, / --------------------------------------------------------

[4380] he kissed her and embraced [her], / With the lady he had amused himself

------------------------------------------------ / and did all his pleasure with her.

then he said to her that he would go away, / ------------------------------------

[that] there he would not stay. / ------------------------------------------

The lady gives him a ring / The lady brings him a ring

of solid gold, which was very beautiful; / [1650] of solid gold, which was very beautiful.

the stone on it is worth, [as far as] I know, / -------------------------------------------------

ten silver marks, to tell the truth. / -----------------------------------------------------

Then he returned to the town, / And he left there right away

---------------------------------- / and sat the trap-door back.

there he found the lord. / Then he came back to the lord

When he saw him, he addressed him, / ------------------------------------------------------------

[4390] beside him he sat down; much did he honor him. / who sat down between his friends.

----------------------------------------------------------------- / He was courteous and well-mannered;

----------------------------------------------------------------- / Towards him he had stood up.

He looked at the young man, / -----------------------------------------------------------------

on his finger he noticed the ring. / He saw the ring on his finger

-------------------------------------- / and then was in great panic,

-------------------------------------- / for it was beautiful as well as good,

-------------------------------------- / [1660] and he believed that it was his!

Then he believes that it is his / ----------------------------------------------

which was very beautiful as well as good, / -------------------------------

but he did not want to identify it / -----------------------------------------

in order [not] to put the knight to shame. / -----------------------

He had turned away from there, / He left straight from there

straight to his tower he went off. / [and] came to the tower in great haste.

-------------------------------------- / And the knight [leaves] equally

The knight  perceives it, / ---------------------------------------------------

[4400] straight to the lean-to he came back. / and comes into his lodging

He started down the pathway / and entered the passage-way

and goes up the passageway. / and runs up [in] the tower;

He lifted the panel, / he lifted the trap-door a little

the ring he threw in there in a straight line; / and threw the ring to the lady

and the lady took it immediately / --------------------------------------------

and put it into her purse. / ----------------------------------------------------

The lord came to the doors, / -------------------------------------------------

one after the other he unlocked. / --------------------------------------------

When he has all unlocked, / --------------------------------------------------

[4410] he entered inside his tower. / At that point see here his lord inside

---------------------------------------- / [1670] who was in very great fear!

---------------------------------------- / He could not come quickly:

---------------------------------------- / it behooved him to open the doors.

His wife had addressed / As soon as he could, he calls [to] the lady:

who in beauty resembled a fairy: / -------------------------------------------------------

‘What are you doing,’ he said, ‘[my] friend? / ‘What are you doing, beautiful friend?

May the Lord God bless you!’ / -----------------------------------------------------------

‘Sire, I am here imprisoned / -----------------------------------------------------------

as if you had kidnapped me. / ------------------------------------------------------

Never before did any man do this, / -------------------------------------------

nor undertake such a thing!’ / -----------------------------------------------

‘Now suffer [it],’ he said, ‘[my] friend; / --------------------------------

[4420] do not at all be dismayed by this. / -----------------------------

What did you do with my ring / --------------------------------------

of solid gold, which is so beautiful? / ------------------------------

Beautiful friend, show it to me!’ / There, my ring! Show it to me,

------------------------------------- / for I am in great panic about it.’

‘Sire,’ she said, ‘and I, why? / ‘Sire,’ she said, ‘I guard [it] very well.

You know already that it is mine. / You know that it is mine.’

Certainly, I will keep it well!’ / ------------------------------------

‘[My] lady, I want to see it, / And he responds: ‘I want to see [it],

on it I have turned my hope.’ / [1680] for I have great hope in it.’

When she heard it, she showed him. / She pulls it [out] and showed [it] to him;

[4430] When he saw it, he thought to himself / when he saw it, he thought to himself

that there are quite a few rings / that there were enough rings

[which have been] fashioned in one [and the same] manner. / hand-crafted in a [similar] manner.

That night he lay with his wife / -----------------------------------------------------------------------

in her chamber inside his tower. / ------------------------------------------------------

The lord got up in the morning / -------------------------------------------

and goes to pray at Saint Martin, / Right straight to the church he went,

------------------------------------- / the knight he met [there].

and the soldier as well / ------------------------------------------

goes quickly after him. / ------------------------------------------------

The duke now called / -----------------------------------------------------------

[4440] the soldier and addressed him: / And that one stood up toward [him]

‘[My] friend, come to the forest with me.’ / ------------------------------------

‘I cannot, sire,’ he said, ‘by [my] faith, / -----------------------------------

-------------------------------------------- / and simply recounted to him

because not long ago came to me news, / [1690] who brought good news,

that a young lady brought to me, / [1689] that last night a young lady came to him

a friend of mine and my mistress / -----------------------------------------------------

who right now has come down here, / -------------------------------------------------

that I have [now] in my country peace / [namely] that he has peace in his country;

that my friends have pursued for me. / his friends pursued [it] for him.

So it behooves me at [this] time to go back  / ------------------------------------

[4450] and return to my country. / ----------------------------------------===

-------------------------------------- / ‘Sire,’ he said, ‘for the love of God,

So now I request from you out of love / I beg you and request out of love

and in the name of Jesus the Creator / ----------------------------------------

that at once you eat with me / that you come eat with me

when you have returned from the forest.’ / when you will have come back from the forest,

------------------------------------------------ / for I want to honor my friend.’

------------------------------------------------ / [1698] lacuna]

And the duke responds good[-humoredly]: / And he responds: ‘Your pleasure

‘I will do according to your command.’ / I will do in a very good way.’

Into the forest he went with his retinue. / He left there with his retenue.

The other one pursued victuals / The other one sought meat,

until he had a great plenitude of it, / -----------------------------------

[4460] for he will want to proceed with largesse. / --------------------

And the lady had descended, / and the lady descended,

into the lean-to she came. / she came into the lean-to.

------------------------------ / There will be such a plan

She put on a [dress made of] a material from Frisia; / that she puts on a dress of another guise.

------------------------------------------------------------ / The knight then said to her

------------------------------------------------------------ / that she [will be] wrong to be astonished by something.

the look of it was very beautiful. / -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------

And she also put on a cape; / ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------

the tassels of it were of gold. / ------------------------------------------------------------------------

The knight had brought it; / ---------------------------------------------------------------------

no man had looked at it. / -------------------------------------------------------------------

And she also had a belt / ------------------------------------------------------------------

[4470] which was beautiful beyond measure; / -----------------------------------------

the parts of it were of silver, / ------------------------------------------------------------

and the pendants of it were noble. / -----------------------------------------------------

Two rings she had on her right hand, / -------------------------------------------------

and three of them she had on the left. / -------------------------------------------------

And she had as well a saffron-colored wimple / --------------------------------------

of silk, which was unusual. / ------------------------------------------------------------

At this time the duke came, / At that point the lord came

in front of the lean-to he dismounted. / [1710] [and] dismounted in front of the lean-to.

Now I do not want to recount you more, / -------------------------------------------------

[4480] but they had the meal hurried along. / ---------------------------------------

The water they gave without tarrying, / The water they give without delaying

------------------------------------------- / when the food was readied.

and the duke sat down at the table. / ----------------------------------

The soldier brings the lady in / ----------------------------------------

who was white like wool. / --------------------------------------------

‘Sire,’ he said, ‘see here my friend, / ---------------------------------

with us she will be, may it not weigh on you, / ---------------------

for with you it behooves her to eat. / --------------------------------

Further more I will take her for [my] wife / ------------------------

if I live a long lifetime.’ / ---------------------------------------------

[4490] And the duke said: ‘All your pleasure / --------------------

I want to grant and [act] to your liking.’----------------------------

Then the lady sat down-----------------------------------------------

and ate with her lord / Together with his wife he ate,

who very often looked at her. / ------------------------------------------

When he saw her, he was very pensive; / and profoundly he wondered

he believes well having been bewitched. / and believes well that she is his.

---------------------------------------------- / I do not know how to blame [him],

---------------------------------------------- / because he had right [on his side],

--------------------------------------------- / but he did not want to identify her,

--------------------------------------------- / instead he took to marveling.

The duke looked at the lady / ---------------------------------------------

who in beauty resembled a fairy. / ---------------------------------------

At that meal he has thought a lot; / ---------------------------------------

[4500] know [this], he ate very little! / ----------------------------------

And the lady reprimanded him / -----------------------------------------

and urged him much to eat: / ---------------------------------------------

‘Sire, why do you not eat? / ----------------------------------------------

For the love of God, tell us it!’ / -----------------------------------------

But the lord said nothing, [except]: / ------------------------------------

‘[My] lady, I ate well.’ / --------------------------------------------------

The high tower deceived him / The high tower deceived him

which was so strong and thick. / [1720] which was of such very great strength.

For the entire wealth of Salomon / -------------------------------------------------

[4510] he did not believe the treason; / --------------------------------------------

that this was his married wife, / ----------------------------------------------------

this he did not believe for anything. / ----------------------------------------------

When they had eaten copiously / -------------------------------------------------

and it was according to their wish, / ---------------------------------------

the servants remove the tablecloths / The servants remove the tables;

and afterward gave out the wine. / they give water and then wine.

The duke goes away, he tarried not at all, / He left there quickly,

and with him was his retenue. / and after him the people go away.

The lady undressed again / And the lady undressed,

[4520] and removes those clothings very soon.. / quickly she removes her clothes.

Quickly she headed for the passage / He entered the passage-way

and goes up the pathway; / ------------------------------------------------------

and she lifted the panel / [and] lifted the trap door up.

and entered her bed in a straight line. / -----------------------------------

And the lord came to the doors, / At that point her lord came

------------------------------------- / [1730] who was profoundly angry;

one after the other he unlocked them. / --------------------------------

When he had them all unlocked, / -------------------------------------

he entered inside his tower. / ------------------------------------------

With him he had a sergeant; / -----------------------------------------

[4530] he held a full fist[ful] of candles / --------------------------

which were well lit / -------------------------------------------------

and gave them great clarity. / ---------------------------------------

He looks, sees his wife, / he saw his wife who was sitting down

he took it as a great marvel. / and gave the impression that she was sleeping

In front of the bed he stopped, / -----------------------------------------------

----------------------------------- / He searches the chamber quickly,

----------------------------------- / but did not see the deception.

----------------------------------- / [If only] he had had here [so] much cleverness

----------------------------------- / that he would have perceived the trickery!

and afterward thought to himself / […] He thought

that there quite a few women / that many women…

who resemble one another in beauty / …resembled one another,

entirely like the ring / exactly like with the ring

[4540] that he saw on the finger of the young man. /  [1740] which was on the finger of the young man.

That night he lay with his friend; / At night he can lie with his friend,

the next night he will not have her at all! / since the other one will not at all have her!

The soldier wandered so much / ---------------------------------------------------------

and went up and down the embankment / ------------------------------------

---------------------------------------------- / The knight stayed awake

---------------------------------------------- / all night and planned,

until he had hired a boat; / and readied a ship

[for] thirty silver marks he leased it. / and rented [it for] fifteen silver marks;

And one brings it for him to the harbor; / all fitted out it was in the harbor.

the wind came for him right straight from the north. / They have good wind right straight from the north.

The duke got up in the morning / They lay down until the morning;

[4550] to hear mass at Saint Martin. / [1750] to the church they go, to Saint Martin.

And the soldier as well / And the knight came there,

goes after him deliberately, / -------------------------------------------------------

the duke he called now, / --------------------------------------------------

courteously he addressed him: / to the lord he said simply:

‘Sire,’ this said the soldier, / -----------------------------------------

‘out of love I pray you and request / ---------------------------

that you give me my friend / ‘Sire, I want to take my friend

who is so beautiful and elegant. / ----------------------------------------

A long time I have held and loved her; / ---------------------------------------

[4560] now I wish that she be married to me.’ / and marry [her] at the abbey.

---------------------------------------------------- / I do not want to ask you for more

---------------------------------------------------- / except that you come to the marrying [ceremony],

---------------------------------------------------- / and I request from you, by Saint Germain,

---------------------------------------------------- / that you seize me by the hand.

The duke granted him his request; / -----------------------------------------------

he said [that] he will give [her] to him. / ------------------------------------------

That one returns to the lean-to / ----------------------------------------------------

who was neither foolish nor an apprentice, / -------------------------------------

and the lady descended back, / -----------------------------------------------------

into the lean-to she came. / -----------------------------------------------------------

A scarf she had fashioned, / ------------------------------------------------------------

as best as she could she dressed wondrously. / -------------------------------------------

Two knights went for her / -----------------------------------------------------------------------

[4570] who led her straight to the church. / -----------------------------------------------------------

Noble king, so much did [the soldier] delude [the duke] / Noble king, so much did he fool him

by the word[s] that he delivered to him, / [1760] and showed beautiful words

that [the duke] married / that [t]he [lord] delivered his [own] wife to him[, the knight].

and by the fist gave her to him! / Before his very eyes she was married!

In this he did a very great folly, / -------------------------------------------

but the treason he did not know at all. / ------------------------------------

The lady lead to the church / ------------------------------------------------

the sergeants and the knights; / ----------------------------------------------

the mass sang an abbot. / ------------------------------------------------------

[4580] When the service was finished, / ---------------------------------------

they came all out of the church, / ---------------------------------------------------

the one and the other, the fat one and the slim one. /  ---------------------------------

Now they go to the embankment, / He led her from there straight to the river bank,

and after them the entire [group of] baron[s]. / together with him [went] the great [assembly of] barons;

The soldier commended / ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

to God the duke and his baron[s]. / -------------------------------------------------------------------

And the duke came wandering up / -------------------------------------------------------------

to the lady, and thirst takes him; / ---------------------------------------------------------

into the boat he put her by the arms. / nto the ship he put her with his arms.

[4590] Well he had because of it to lose his pleasure! / Well must he lose [sexual] pleasure because of it!

------------------------------------------------------------- / And now they ‘disanchored’

------------------------------------------------------------- / and lifted the sails up to the wind.

Afterward all returned, / -----------------------------------------------------------------------

and that one goes away to [his] great delight / ---------------------------------------

who takes away with him his friend; / ----------------------------------------

great joy they have on the boat. / -----------------------------------------

And the duke went to his tower, / And [t]he [lord] came to his tower.

but he did not find there his wife; / [1770] When he did not find her scent

--------------------------------------- / then he took to reflecting

--------------------------------------- / how he could recover her.

--------------------------------------- / But now repenting is too late!

then he began to lead [a life of] mourning. / He can lament all at his pleasure.

Like this are you, [too,] lord king, / Like that you want to act, king,

--------------------------------------- / by God who established the law.

[4600] by that faith that I owe you. / ----------------------------------------

That woman torments you strongly; / The queen argues so much with you

you believe her more than your [eye]sight. / that she has taken away your sight.

Tomorrow you will hear your son speak, / Tomorrow you will hear your son speak;

because he can no longer remain [silent].” / he cannot remain [silent] no more.

------------------------------------------------- / And then you will know without contention

------------------------------------------------- / who will be right, yes or no.”



Vaticinium by the prince


[4691] “There was once a vassal, / [1843] “There was once a vavasor,

a rich man he was, of great valor, / ----------------------------------------

and he had a son, a young man / a handsome son he had from his wife.

[who was] courteous and agreeable and handsome. / --------------------

So long he nourished him that he was twelve years old: / ----------------

very clever he was and knowledgeable. / ----------------------------------

One day he put himself into a boat, / One day he entered a boat,

together with him [was] the young man. / together with him [was] the young man.

All alone, since there were no more [people], / All alone (there were no more)

[4700] they go along ‘swimming’ to a secluded spot / they go away navigating to a secluded place

which had established itself on a rock / which was situated on an island,

in a place which was very subtl[y hidden]. / [1850] amidst rock[s] in a solitary place.

------------------------------------------------- / And as they navigated thus

------------------------------------------------- / straight to the secluded place where they were going,

Above them begin to shriek / over them are flying at this point

and fly-bomb downward two crows / two crows [which are] violently shrieking.

which from above them descended / They took to shrieking very fiercely;

[and] on the head of the boat sat down. / into the boat they put themselves with them.

---------------------------------------------- / The vavasor marveled at that,

---------------------------------------------- / raised his hand and crossed himself.

‘[My] God!’ said the father to the young man, / ‘Ah, God,’ he said….

‘what now are these birds saying?’ / ...‘What have these crows?’

The child responds: … / [1860] Then the young man responds to him

              …‘I hear well / ‘Sire,’ he said, ‘I know very well

[4710] what they are saying, by Saint Aignien! / what they are saying, by Saint Aignien.’

------------------------------------------------------ / Said the father: ‘So tell it to me!

------------------------------------------------------ / May there be no longer delay!

They are saying that I will climb up / ‘They are saying that I will climb up

and also will be so high[ly placed] a man, / and will further be such a high man

father, that you will be very happy / that you would be very glad,

and [yet] in your heart will hate [it] / --------------------------------------------------

----------------------------------------- / this they are telling you, and profoundly joyful

if I deigned to suffer / if  I wanted to accept as much

that I let you hold / [1870] as to allow you to hold

my sleeves when I will have to wash up / the water to be given to me for washing

and [let you] carry…  / and to allow [that] be brought [to me]

              …the towel, / the towel…

know this, to my good mother.’ / …by my beautiful mother.’

[4720] At that the father was very sad; / Then the father was very angry:

of what the son heard / ------------------------------------------------------

he had a very dismayed heart. / ---------------------------------------------

The father swore to Saint Clement / ‘So help me God and Saint Clement,’

that he prove false that argument. / [lacuna] that he will prove his prediction wrong.

Then he took his son, seized him, / He passes forward, seized his son

in the sea tumbled him; / into the sea he tumbled him,

then he goes on ‘swimming’ to his business. / then he went on with his business.

The child was very well-bred. / [1880] The child was very thoughtful

He knew the names of Our Lord / to say the name of Our Lord;

[4730] which protected him from pain. / by that much he healed from [his]  pain.

At a rock he arrived; / He arrived at a rock;

four days he was stopped there / there he was for three days,

so that he never drank nor ate, / he never drank nor ate there

nor did he consider anything else there / nor looked at any other thing there

except the birds which shrieked at him. / except the birds which are shrieking above him

He knew well what they were saying, / and in their language say to him

[namely] that he would yet be amazed, / that he would be dismayed for nothing

that in time he would have good help. / 1890] for he would have very near help.

A fisherman there was on the sea; / A fisherman came by sea;

[4740] around there it behooved him to stay. / there it behooved him to pass.

He saw the imperilled one, / He saw the imperilled [child].

in the heart he had about it great joy. / You can know that he was very glad!

He put him into his boat, / He collected him back into his boat

then he brought him to a castle / and took him away to a castle

which in a great manner was strong, / which in great manner was strong

at thirty leagues from this harbor. / and thirty leagues away from port,

He sold him to the senechal, / and sold him to the senechal;

by twenty [gold] coins grew his wealth. / [1900] for twenty gold coins he grew his household.

The senechal had him [as a] dear [child], / The senechal held him very dear,

[4750] and his wife still more. / and so did his wife.

In that country was a king / A king held this land

who was very wise and courteous, / who was very frank and courteous.

---------------------------------------- / He was followed all customarily,

---------------------------------------- / so that all the people saw him,

but three birds shrieked above him / by a big she-crow and two he-crows.

and carried on there [in] very great grief. / The birds were leading a great battle.

They went [around] following the king / All days they go following the [same] route

and at the very same time shrieking above him / [1910] and shrieking strongly above the king;

and [also] when he went to church / when he went to church

and when he sat down at his meal; / and when he sat down to eat

---------------------------------------- / all days the birds are above

---------------------------------------- / and shriek that they cannot any more [go on].

---------------------------------------- / Of it the king had great fright

---------------------------------------- / and very great fear in his heart.

---------------------------------------- / He did not know to what he owed this

---------------------------------------- / and what the meaning [of it] was

but he did not want damage any one of them, / nor did he dare to harm the birds,

[4760] nor beat or kill or strike [it]. / [1920] nor to aim at them to strike them.

All the people marvelled / -----------------------------------------------------------

why those birds shrieked so. / ----------------------------------------------------------

One day the king thought to himself / One day he sat down and thought to himself

that he will ask his barons [to come] / that his barons’ [assembly] will ask

[in order] to know whether anyone would know how to tell him / to know if anybody will know how to tell him

why those birds have such anger. / why the birds have such anger.

All the knights go to the court, / And he summoned them all,

[…]. / in a day they were assembled.

The senechal said that he would go there, / The senechal said that he will go,

[4770] and the child requested from him / and the boy begged him

that he let him go with him / to let him go with him

to see and look at the court. / [1930] in order to look at the great barons’ [assembly].

The senechal said to him: ‘[My] friend, / And the senechal responded:

little would you do there, at my pleasure.’ / ‘What would you be seeking, handsome friend?’

Said the lady: ‘Let him go, / Said the lady: ‘Let him go,

so he will hear those barons speak.’ / and he will hear the barons speak.’

‘[My] lady,’ he said, ‘at your pleasure.’ / -----------------------------------

So then he turned away from there, / -------------------------------------

this child he leads away with him; / -------------------------------------

[4780] to the court the two go off together. / Thus all go to the court,

-------------------------------------------------- / so that there remains no hearing nor deaf [person behind].

The king sits down under the elms; / They sat down under two elms,

in the branches are shrieking the birds. / and above were the birds.

All the barons have come; / -------------------------------------------

the king asked them by name / --------------------------------------

that he wants to hear without delay / ------------------------------

the significance of the birds / -------------------------------------

which are shrieking so day and night. / ------------------------

The country is very [full of] great noise from it. / -----------

When those people had come, / -----------------------------

[4790] one and the other, small and great, / -------------

the king got up on his feet, / The king rises up

his barons had addressed: / [1940] and addressed the barons:

‘[My] lords,’ he said, ‘I have asked you [to come]. / ‘[My] lords,’ he said, ‘advise me!

Do you know why? I will tell you it: / -----------------------------------------------------

for here are three birds [which] have come / ----------------------------------------

[and] because of which I am lost, / Because of these birds I am in fright.

[and] which above me are shrieking day and night; / ---------------------------

I do not know why they carry out such noise. / --------------------------------------

If anyone among you knew how to tell me / [He] who would tell me what signify

[4800] why these birds have such anger, / [these birds and] why they shriek so strongly above me,

he would have half of my inheritance / I would give him my inheritance,

and my daughter of the clear face.’ / my beautiful daughter with the clear face.’

Then they all fell silent, / Thereupon the barons held themselves mute,

in the square they were all moved, / the young as well as the grey,

except the imperilled young man. / but the imperilled boy

The senechal he took by [his] coat / [1950] took the senechal by the coat.

and had now risen. / ---------------------------------------------------------

‘Sire,’ he said, ‘now hear me: / ‘Sire,’ he said, ‘if I could be sure

know [that], if the king were to hold himself  / --------------------

[4810] to the covenant that he told, / that I have this promise,

---------------------------------------- / well will I tell the king the adventure

I would tell about these birds / and the nature of the three crows.’

why they are shrieking above the elms. / The senechal responds right away:

--------------------------------------------- / ‘There is here no place for mockery.

What they request I will well tell you, / ------------------------------------------

never will I lie about it in the least!’ / -----------------------------------------

‘How would you tell it, [my] friend? / -----------------------------------

I believe that you are in a tight spot! / ----------------------------

If the birds were not to go away / If the birds did not go away

and were not to leave alone [their] shrieking, / and did not let go their great dispute,

you would never be believed about it, / you would not be believed,

[4820] but would be held [to be] crazy and foolish.’ / [1960] but would be held to be a fool and an imbecile.’

The child responds: ‘I will tell it well, / ‘Sire,’ said he, ‘I know very well

------------------------------------------- / what they are saying, by Saint Aignien.’

never will I be mistaken about it in the least, / -----------------------------------

and I will do so much that will go away / ---------------------------------------

and fly away the birds.’ / --------------------------------------------------------

When the senechal heard it/him / ---------------------------------------------

he was profoundly delighted by it; / ----------------------------------------

he addressed the emperor [sic]: / -----------------------------------------

‘Sire,’ he said, ‘hear, for God[‘s sake]! / The senechal said: ‘Lord king,

--------------------------------------------- / now listen a little to me.

I have brought here a child; / By [my] faith, this child told me this:

[4830] if you keep [the] covenant with him, / that if you keep the covenant with him,

he will tell you about these birds / well will he tell you about these birds,

why they are shrieking above the elms.’ / -------------------------------------------------

---------------------------------------------- / about the she-crow as well as the he-crows.

---------------------------------------------- / And have him [be] listen[ed to],

---------------------------------------------- / [1970] I beg you for it, by Saint Omer!

--------------------------------------------- / If by chance he tells the truth,

--------------------------------------------- / so may [the covenant] with him be kept […];

--------------------------------------------- / and if he does not tell a sure thing,

--------------------------------------------- / in listening to him there is no great loss.’

And the king said: ‘I affirm to him / And the king said: ‘I confirm to him

[that I will] keep the covenant here.’ / to keep the covenant here.’

Then the young man got up, / Then he stood up;

by the barons he was much looked at. / ---------------------------

He spoke very loudly; / -------------------------------------------

the crowd heard him […]. / well listen to him small and big.

The child said: ‘Listen, king, / ‘Good king,’ he said,…

[4840] and you, knights and burghers! / ------------------------------------------

Do you see up there these three birds? / …‘as far as these birds are concerned,

That is a she-crow and two he-crows. / [1980]  they are a she-crow and two he-crows.

Do you see that big he-crow over there? / Do you see this he-crow over there?

It has kept for thirty years / He has kept, for thirty years,

that big she-crow peacefully. / that she-crow freely.

The other year a famine arose; / The other year a famine arose.

he abandoned her at [this] miserable time / He abandoned her in the miserable time;

she sought elsewhere her cure. / she sought elsewhere her healing.

The land remained desert[-like], / On the land which was deserted,

[4850] and she turned because of great poverty / she turned in her poverty

to that he-crow that you see there / to this other he-crow over here,

[and] which threw her out of the miserable time. / [1990] who ‘threw’ her out of the miserable time.

He held her in concubinage, / -------------------------------------------------------------------------------

for he did her a great advantage. / ------------------------------------------------------------

Now the old he-crow came back / So now the old he-crow came

and concerning his wife was angry; / who because of his wife was furious;

but the [other] one does not want at all to give [her] back,  / but the [other] one for that does not want to return        

                                                                                                                                                              [her] to him,

rather he believed in defending her by debate. / rather he believes in defending her by judicial argument.

----------------------------------------------------- / Now he wants to hear clearly

To you the come for the judgement / which one will have her by judgment.

[4860] that you may make for them loyally / ----------------------------------

And know this, never doubt it, / --------------------------------------

[that] when the judgement will have been be made, / So judge;…

the birds will fly away, / …they will depart,

nevermore will they shrieke above you.’ / never again they will be shrieking here.’

‘By [my] faith,’ the king said, ‘I am hearing a marvel! / -----------------------------

Never again [will] I hear its equal. / ----------------------------------------------

It behooves [us] therefore to make the judgement / ---------------------------

to see if we could make them shut up / -------------------------------------

and chase [them] out of this country, / --------------------------------

[4870] for of their shrieking I am shocked.’ / ---------------------

So now the king judged, / Then deliberate about this the king,

[as did] knights as well as burghers / [2000] the knights and the burghers [and judge]

that the one by right will have the she-crow / that he will have her by reason

who threw her out of [the] miserable time. / who ‘threw’ her out of the miserable time.

------------------------------------------------- / ‘Birds, ‘ this tells them the nobleman,

‘Sire,’ say all the barons, / ‘these barons consider at last

‘he must have her by reason / that he will have the she-crow

when he threw her out of [the] miserable time, / who ‘threw’ her out of the miserable time.’

and the other one who left her / -----------------------------------------------------------------

throughout the famine time and abandoned her / ------------------------------------------

[4880] must lose her, may you know [it] for sure; / -------------------------------------

for one must hate much the man / -----------------------------------------------------

when he wants to abandon his wife / --------------------------------------------

because of famine time or because of poverty. /  ----------------------------

Well must he fall into dishonor for it.’ / -----------------------------------

When the crows heard this / -----------------------------------------------

one had pain from it, the other was well because of it. / -------------

At this point the old crow left from there / Then the old he-crow left

and threw out a painful shriek. / and threw out a hideous shriek,

The others leave, flying away / and the others fly away

[4890] and carrying on with very great joy; / [2010] and manifest very great joy,

in the country they remained no longer / [they] who nevermore returned

nor do they scream, nor did they shriek. / nor shrieked above the king.

The king was happy when he sees this / -----------------------------------

and carried on with very great joy. / -----------------------------------------

That child he held [to be] very wise, / ------------------------------------------

he had given him the inheritance / ---------------------------------------------------

and his daughter according to the covenant. / The king had him take his daughter

-------------------------------------------------- / and put her [in possession] of his realm.

He was [to be] king and have a great domain. / -------------------------------------------

Then the child was crowned. / ---------------------------------------------------------

[4900] Very well is proven the pronouncement / -------------------------------

that the child recounted to the father / --------------------------------------

when he tumbled him into the sea. / -------------------------------------

Of the child I will stop [to speak to] you at this point, /  -------------

I will tell you briefly about the father / --------------------------------

who thinks to have drowned his son / --------------------------------

in the sea and [to have let him] perish. / -----------------------------

The father fell into poverty; / -----------------------------------------

he was exiled by the famine / ----------------------------------------

because one of his neighbors led him so far / ----------------------

[4910] as to throw him off the land. / ------------------------------

And he fled immediately / -------------------------------------------

to the realm of which his son was king, / ------------------------

but it was not exact that he knew it; / --------------------------

he believed that he had drowned him. / ---------------------

It behooves me to speak of the young king / --------------

who was pensive and in fear; / --------------------------

he remembered his father / He remembered his father

who had fallen into poverty, / who fell into poverty.

whom a neighbor of his exiled / -----------------------

[4920] and chased from his country. / -------------------

But he knew very well the region / ------------------------

where he and his mother had gone. / ------------------------

One of his sergeants he addressed: / He sent him a sergeant

‘[My] friend,’ he said, ‘listen to this! / -----------------------

Go quickly to the estate, / ------------------------------------

at Gerart’s, the son of Terri. / ------------------------------

Thereto a new man has come, / -----------------------------

he is white-haired mixed with black and white[-bearded]. / ---------------------------

And you will say to him that the king, / ----------------------------------------

[4930] the young who is so courteous, / --------------------------------

wants to dine with him tomorrow / and summoned him immediately.

and lodge in his house.’ / ------------------------------------------------

He responded right away: / ---------------------------------------------

‘Sire, I will do [according to] your command.’ / --------------------

Then he went to prepare himself / -----------------------------------

and mounted on a horse. / --------------------------------------------

So much he did and spurred [on his horse] / ----------------------

that he found the vavasor, / -----------------------------------------

the father of the young, prized king / ------------------------------

[4940] whom he believed to have drowned. / --------------------

The sergeant saluted him nicely / ----------------------------------

and afterwards addressed him: / -----------------------------------

‘Sire, this the king asks of you, / ----------------------------------

the young one who is very courteous: / --------------------------

that he wants to dine with you. / ----------------------------------

He will come here without delay; / -------------------------------

it is not at all very far from here.’ / ------------------------------

When he hears it, he is much astonished, / ---------------------

because he had little to give him. / ------------------------------

[4950] ‘[My] friend,’ he said, ‘by Saint Omer, / ---------------

about this I am happy and joyous / -----------------------------

when the king wants to dine in here. / -------------------------

But because of this I have again an angry heart: / -------------

that I have nothing prepared. / ----------------------------------

I have only five breads and seven chicks, / ------------------

but he will have of my good wines.’ / ------------------------

And he responded immediately: / ----------------------------

‘Sire, he will very good[-hearted]ly take / ------------------

what you would give him, and at [your] discretion,  / -----

[4960] for in him there is much goodness.’ / ----------------

See here now the young king [who] has come, / -----------

in front of the house he dismounted. / ----------------------

To his encounter went his father, / --------------------------

from the other side came his mother, / ---------------------

but they did not recognize their child; / --------------------

both of them were deceived by it [all]. / ------------------

The father believes that he drowned / ---------------------

in the sea and [that he had been] tumbled [overboard], / -----------------------------

for he himself pushed him in there / ----------------------------------------------------

[4970] because he believed [that he was] drowning him. / ------------------------------

----------------------------------------------------------------- / At that point his father came

­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­----------------------------------------------------------------- / [2020] and dismounted at the palace.

The kitchen was readied / ------------------------------------------------------------------------------

and the water for the hands was given. / They give the water without delaying,

-------------------------------------------- / for the meal was prepared.

The father jumps up quickly, / -------------------------------------------------------

because he no more made [himself] stop; / -----------------------------------------

the king’s sleeves he wants to hold, / Then he wanted to hold the sleeve

but the king does not want to suffer it. / for the king, but he cannot suffer it;

--------------------------------------------- / instead he took the towel

The mother brought the towel / --------------------------------------------------

that another sergeant does not bring them, / ------------------------------------

but he does not want to dry [his hands], / ---------------------------------

[4980] another he made bring it. / [and] gives it to another servant.

------------------------------------- / Here you are: [the son’s] saying [has been] proven true

------------------------------------- / for which he was supposed to be tormented!

------------------------------------- / When they had eaten, without interruption

------------------------------------- / [2030] they departed out of the palace.

------------------------------------- / ‘May it not in the slightest turn for you to annoyance

------------------------------------- / if you do not know who I am.

When the king looked at [all] this, / ------------------------------------------------------

he saw a marvel, so he crossed himself. / ------------------------------------------

So then he did not remain silent any more, / --------------------------------

when he saw that he was recognized. / ----------------------------------

The king addressed his father about it: / ----------------------------

‘Sire,’ he said, ‘hear this! / -----------------------------------------

The truth I want to confess to you, / -------------------------------

for now I can no longer keep myself from [doing] it. /  -----------

[4990] Your son I am: you engendered me! / -------------------------

I am the one that you toppled / ‘This is your son whom you tumbled

from the boat in order to drown me in the sea. / into the sea and imperilled

Father, much I found you ‘bitter’ / ----------------------------------------------

and very evil, that is my opinion, / ----------------------------------------------

when for the sole reason that I said to you / for the sole [reason] that I said

that a higher man than you I would be / that I would be a richer man than you.

and to greater esteem would climb, / ----------------------------------------------

you made me tumble / -------------------------------------------------------

into the sea in order to drown me. / -----------------------------------

And  now is it not proven? / And so, has it not been proven?’

[5000] You made [me suffer] very great cruelty!’ / 

When the father heard his son, / -------------------------------

very deeply was he astounded. / -----------------------------

When he saw his son in such great esteem, / ---------------

then was the father very pensive. / --------------------------

To his son he shouted for mercy, / --------------------------

and the child forgave him / ----------------------------------

and made him master and lord / ----------------------------

of his realm and of his honor. / Then he gave him a city.

The same you wanted to make, king, / Thus you wanted to deal, king,

[5010] that is my opinion, of the body of mine, / [2040] this I say to you, with my body.

------------------------------------------------------- / Did you believe, if I rose up,

------------------------------------------------------- / that I would disgrace you(r body)?

------------------------------------------------------- / [2043-2048]

------------------------------------------------------- / I would rather let me be hanged,

------------------------------------------------------- / burnt in fire and put to ashes

------------------------------------------------------- / than sleep with my lady

------------------------------------------------------- / and disgrace you(r body)!”

[you] who wanted to harm me / ---------------------------------------------------

and so unjustly to deliver [me] to death. / ----------------------------------------

You had fear, that is the sum [of it], / ---------------------------------------------

that I would rob from you the crown / --------------------------------------------

and would be king during your lifetime.’” / --------------------------------------