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The contents of Newsletters 1-10 (1979-1983) appear in The Seven Sages of Rome and The Book of Sindbad [the Philosopher]: An Analytical Bibliography (1984, out of print). The contents of Newsletters 11-40 (1984-2013) have been transferred to the on-line Supplements I and II of the Analytical Bibliography (henceforth AB) accessible at Archives. For the over-all lay-out of the Bibliography go to Versions. N.b. Diacritics have been omitted throughout.

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                                 Newsletter  44 (2017)

Seven Sages Conference

International Medieval Congress

Leeds (UK), 2-5 July 2018

“The Old French Roman des sept sages de Rome

and Its Versions, Continuations, Translations and Adaptations”

Analyses (in English or French, 20 minutes plus discussions) are invited for several sessions on the multiple ways in which the rewritings in French and the translations in other European languages relate to the Old French source text. Especially welcome are approaches focusing on gender issues.

Send a 100-word abstract and a short biography as well as any queries to the co-organizer <> as soon as possible.

Nico Kunkel at Universität Konstanz (Germany) is undertaking wide-ranging comparative research on the German, Latin and Frech Seven Sages. He will focus on the Middle High German, Latin (H, Scala coeli) and French (A, D) versions by digitizing, annotating and analyzing them in a mixed-methods approach (close readings and text statistics) to trace patterns with regard to the serial structure of the Seven Sagesand the mouvance detectable in their transmission history. (12 June 1917)



A reader asks whether anywhere in the vast Seven Sages universe there are references to or mentions of the Old Testament figure of Enoch. Please reply to the editor.


Certain stories in Marques seem to have not yet been identified and named according to the traditional Latin naming convention. The editor invites and welcomes any correction of this oversight. Readers familiar with Marques are invited to review, correct and complete the story-nomenclature and to contact the editor.

Assistance is also requested respecting certain “unknown” proper names. In medicus the story takes place in the country of Sesoigne. The principal character in inclusa is Daires, and his senechal’s son is called Zoroas. Finally, in gener the emperor is Joires. Coincidentally (?), these names occur in stories by the empress. Should any of these names evoke links to historical figures or echoes of other branches or versions of the far-flung Seven Sages cycle or of unrelated works of world literature, please contact the editor.


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Newsletter 43 (2016)

III.8.iv. Western Versions: French: Version A [AB 431-437]

437-20??. Marco Maulu, Mauricette Berne and Hans R. Runte are preparing the first critical print edition of this influential version from all manuscripts and based on MS. Paris, BnF 2137. 


The remaining contents have been transferred to the current Supplement of the 
Analytical Bibliography

Newsletter 42 (2015)

The contents have been transferred to the Analytical Bibliography

41 (2014)

The contents have been transferred to the Analytical Bibliography

Some Seven Sages Books Available On-Line

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III.7.i. Western Versions: English: General [AB 158-189]

 167. Campbell, Killis. A Study of the Romance of the Seven Sages with Special Reference to the Middle English Versions. Baltimore: The Modern Language Association of America, 1898.

Link 1:  167_1   Link 2:  167_2

III.7.iii.a. Western Versions: English: Version A: Midland [AB 216]

216. Wright, Thomas. The Seven Sages in English Verse, Edited from a Manuscript in the Public Library of the University of Cambridge. Early English Poetry, Ballads and Popular Literature of the Middle Ages 16. London: T. Richards for the Percy Society, 1845.

Link 1:  216_1  Link 2:  216_2  Link 3  :216_3